New Stage Voice Channel Suggestion/Feedback


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  • Jay

    Upvoted! I love how stage channels show themselves on top when live, streaming would be nice, I would like to show presentations for others to see things and not only hear them, of course, only users on stage can share their screen.

  • them8trixhasyou


    I would also like a ping feature to audibly alert users in Stage from text chat. Sometimes people just want to give a quick point or cheer someone else on, and that's easier to do from text than to become a speaker in Stage

  • TomFromMyspace


    Just my input/opinion on the AFK note. I know their is a lot of people that tend to listen for a couple minutes before responding or continuing in the conversation. So maybe instead of kicking them back to audience after the few minutes, it gives them a visual warning somehow that everyone can see. Then the Moderators would be able to ask to see if they are still participating in the conversation and if not they could be moved to the audience.

    This eliminates the chance of people being moved unexpectedly and having to be brought back up because they didn’t speak in time.

  • McSqueezyTheCow

    I love this Discord!


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