Support Tickets being marked as "Solved"


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  • Flaaffee

    Honestly it is beyond ridiculous. I've never known any customer support to be this bad. Even the more notoriously bad ones have been fine with me. It's customer support like this that makes Karen's istg. 

  • Sketchlordish (tired)

    I’m in the same boat with getting no human response from Discord support. Except, in my case, my mistake was being stupid and falling for a scam. Anyways, yea, it would be great if we could get any communication. :(

  • Djryce

    Same experience here. Got disabled falsely for my age (I'm 21) so I provided photo ID in my appeal. After 18 or 19 days I saw it was marked as solved, but as of now I'm STILL unable to log in. Genuinely ridiculous, I've been trying to tweet at them for a good week now with no response. This has to be the absolute bottom of the barrel, worst customer support I've ever experienced


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