• Boneshock

    With Developer mode enabled you can already grab the link to a message. However when you post the url it doesn't show a preview of the content of that message. It's just a blue url.

    So... the technology to link to a message is already there in the developer mode. It just needs a bit work.

  • Alex49

    Давно жду этой необходимой функции. Надеюсь,разработчики услышат нас

  • EtzBetz

    How is this still not a thing?
    On Reddit an employee wrote 2 years ago that it is high on their priority list and pins were a major milestone for it..

  • Magess

    Markdown quotes in general would be nice. 

  • Eris

    yes please!! this needs to be a feature so I can quote my friends' typos

  • Mirko Errigo

    For years we have been asking this very ordinary function, without being heard, for unknown reasons.

  • Juliano R4010

    Guys there are 11.210 votes. Lets ask for our contacs to vote here!

  • benny



    yes please


    also lightmode :angery:

  • Johnny Wild

    Been waiting almost 3 years for it


  • valtteri1010

    Maybe next year then

  • Seel

    This is really useful. Please, don't force people to use self-boting for this obvious feature.

  • Desha

    Please devs, hear our cry!
    This is needed, and with the option to be notified of quotes (with links to comments)!

  • Sacrieur

    I keep waiting and waiting for this, but it never comes. I want to because Discord has a lot of very nice other stuff. Like a lot, but it's missing the ability for me to reply with easily sourced and documented contextual information in a post, making the textual chat client... Well... Unable to be used. Using code blocks is simply not a good enough replacement over a right click and quote message pop-up option.

    Skype has quoting, and for all its faults, makes its use as a day to day chat client a far better experience. It's a rather simple feature, especially for something built in electron, to add.

    The advantages are more than superficial organization:
    1) Multiple conversations can occur at once in a single room without a lot of confusion and minimal effort.
    2) Conversations which span long periods of time, such as hours or days can more easily be read without trying to scroll through other conversations.
    3) Guaranteed integrity of the quoted message.
    4) Attempting to look up the context of previous messages is far easier.

    I don't like Skype, but the fact remains it's easier to communicate on it than Discord.

  • Frosty
    Yes, please!
  • Amaryllion

    Is this thread even ever read by some developer? Seems that it's not. Otherwise it's obviously crazy to not add this missing quoting feature and instead only let the users add a reation to someone else's post. Or at least tell anyone that this feature will come... ^^

  • Juliano R4010

    "Is this thread even ever read by some developer? Seems that it's not."

    Great question. Can someone please ask them?

  • Desha

    I don't think so guys, the thread has been sitting pretty for a while now, meanwhile my comment from a week ago (supporting the cause) has been sitting with "Pending approval", unable to be seen by anybody except myself.

  • frenchiveruti

    Also be sure to include a "double click to quote" feature so it's easier to do it.


  • Simone

    Yes please. Support and up voted

  • zappeo

    This is my most wanted feature, upvoted.

  • Icematoro

    It's impressive we don't have it at all, even a very basic one would be nice.

  • Nixie

    Some form of quote function would really be nice ...

  • Dalryk

    Surely this is a no brainer.  What is the problem here?

  • loromoin

    it's a feature incredibly important, it's strange that it isn't yet implemented!

  • Ðrew

    It would be so nice to be able to quote!!

  • Ilya A.Zhulin

    Надо создавать параллельные обращения, а то тут на комментарии как-то мало внимания обращают. Если система позиционируется как чат, то надо, чтоб маркдаун поддерживался в полном объёме, а уж цитирование в чатах, особенно в командных - это же первостепенно нужная вещь! На эту тему куча скриптов бесплатных, давно пора реализовать такое. 

    I think, we have to create parallel request, to take more attention of developers. If this system is a command chat, it has to support markdown fully, especially quoting! In team chats quoting is the first thing! There are many free scripts for it, please do it!

  • zappeo

    This is right now the most upvoted request since the spoiler tag has been rolled out, I don't think we need to open a new one, at least I hope so.

  • Ilya A.Zhulin

    Request started 2 month ago and no one dev answered something... Do they look for these discusses or it is for us only - to blow off steam?

  • Amaryllion

    Like I said, I doubt than anyone reads these comments...