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  • stickystags

    here's hoping they actually look at this -_-

  • genesis

    pleaseeee we need the old discord back i hate how it looks like i hate the too much blueish of it, i hate it all sorry discord but it really was a bad idea.

  • Hex

    The new logo looks like you gave a 5 year old MS paint.


  • Motlow

    Please let us change back. This redesign is garabge.

  • Uncastellum

    #ChangeItBack #GetThemBack

  • TravellingFoodCartTacoKnight

    Definitely not a fan of the new design. The colour strains my eyes because it's so saturated.

  • Hexenbalg

    i think itd also be good if more ppl who have a chance to get more than a few rts or likes would make a stink about this on twitter , since it seems like they r trying to contain it to their own threads and their forums...the only thing i seen where discord reacted on twitter in a way that suggested they actually read the criticism was a seperate tweet by someone calling the issues out that got like 50 rts at that time,

  • Popmop

    The new color design hurts my eyes, and gives me a headache. It is not at all user friendly.

  • ktiy

    This thread, '#ChangeItBack' and 'official logo petition' will do much more harm than good.

    There is no need to turn this into a hashtag - doing so encourages spam rather than few well-articulated posts that actually describe the issue they have with the update. This has already bhttps://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/1500001066342-Fix-Your-Stuff-or-ALLOW-CUSTOM-CLIENTS-or-BOTH-een happening. See these few screenshots.

    In fact, YOU YOURSELF have been spamming it across this topic. See these screenshot of such:

    Please stop. You are turning this real issue into a trend, a pointless server, and a spamming hashtag. The Discord Team will not take spammers seriously.

    There is no need for a dedicated petition thread. Especially by calling it the 'official LOGO petition,' you are making it sound like the issue is in the logo rather than the accessibility when it comes to colours and fonts.

    There is no need for a dedicated server. You are making it look like you are just advertising a server rather than trying to petition a cause.

    The Discord team WILL NOT listen to advertisers and spammers. This thread will do MUCH MORE harm than good.

  • veryblocky

    The only thing I care about really is the colour, it’s way too garish. I did prefer the old logo and font too, but the colour is a no go for me.

  • Chaotic-Light

    The branding defines the entire character of the platform, the communities it represents, the communities it creates, and the current and future spirit of its users. It's 50% of the reason Discord became popular in the first place, and in time people will begin looking for something else appropriate instead. The entire future of Discord has changed for the worse and it has become much easier for a new platform to replace it.

    This isn't another case of people hating an update because they're used to the old design. That happens all the time, but not this. This is changing the character of everything Discord represents and it's users identify with. From a popular logo I've been proud to display to something that looks like it should be on a preschool's storefront.

  • Timed

    ktiy Hey!

    Thank you for concerning your thoughts. I totally agree with you! It wasn't my intention to spam or to annoy people or discord with this.

    So I've taken out "Official" from our naming and deleted about 95% of my posts.

    Thank you <3

  • ktiy

    Timed Thank you! Sorry if I was a bit aggressive. This whole situation is upsetting, lol

  • Timed

    ktiy No worries! I'm super glad you said something. I was a bit in the moment and just wanted to get it out there.

    I updated our discord's rules and information accordingly, asking people to not spam!

  • toasted_mello

    Bare minimum: make the logo text all caps so it doesn't look like DiSCOrd

  • Annoying POTATO 🥔


  • CheetahCat

    Thank you for this.

  • Timed

    toasted_mello I think most people are agreeing bare minimum would be changing the colors to allow for better accessibility among people with (or without) disabilities and/or neurodiversity. I agree the font and logo just isn't good, but if Discord refuses to adhere our opinions, we can at least accomplish what's important!

  • Uncastellum

    toasted_mello Timed For example, im colorblind and literally i cant see now white mentions, its hard to read with this contrast. Even if we agree or disagree about the new logo, accesibility should go first bcs this new palette is harmful to end-users.

    Look this Thread for more info.

  • Daffodil

    The color is too harsh but the font is the biggest issue for me... somehow it looks really bland but at the same time ugly because it doesn't look unified enough

  • Timed

    Here's a change.org posted by someone else you guys can sign!!


  • LilaQ

    Good lord, this rebrand looks so bad - who approved this?

  • DonkeyKong

    The redesign isnt all that bad (bear with me). I can see why they consider this a more welcoming logo, color theme and font for newcomers than the OG one, but there has gotta be some effort from the Discord Team to not completely leave the original look in the ditch. They should have the new look set as the default and keep it on their website and all, but have an option to toggle it in the settings for the OG look of Discord that we have all loved throughout these years. Customisation is key! 

    I can understand that with future updates of discord, having an entire separate look will be hard to implement and maintain, considering that there will be new features coming up that would have to be designed in two ways, but this can be solved with a little bit of smart adaptive programming. It's safe to say that noone wants to have Discord look the same forever, so changes to the OG discord would be welcomed, but having the logo, font and colours changed all at once is a little bit too much to bear and sort of makes discord loose a lot of its identity with its users.

  • jean_ravenclaw

    Exactly the rebrand looks really bad and childish and really NOT discord.

  • Venom²


  • ktiy

    Seems that Discord has changed it back? https://discord.com & https://discord.com/branding/ looks as it did earlier, and https://discord.com/brand-new/ is now a 302 redirect.

    This might be temporary, though.

  • Random_Mercenary

    Bare minimum is they change the logo, font, and color back. Idc about the UI. UI seems fine

  • nope

    commenting just because i had to see the hideous new logo while downloading discord jesus


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