Keep calm, this is a loud minority attacking you for NFT implementation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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  • Konjus

  • The dude with common sense

    NASB NET MSG The world would rather be fine if you were actually wiped off of the planet first, cryptocuck ;)

  • Fennaixelphox

    This you?

  • Fangirl🍇

    the denial that the majority of the discord community doesn't support this (despite the many many posts speaking out against it, and need i mention the upvote/downvote ratios) is REAL. good god yall, take one look at the recent threads and tell me again that we're in the ""loud minority""

  • TheSuperestNova

    Hey you wanna provide some statistics and sources to back up your claims? Show me proof that "the vast majority" are accepting. What percent? Where'd you get the data? NFTs aren't just an energy. A single NFT is produced by the same power it takes to power a house in a workweek. With the majority of world power being based on fossil fuels, the climate crisis is only getting worse with crypto and NFTs

  • evol


  • Flash on F

    The world belongs to crypto.

    Did the world belong to the German Reich in the 40s though? 

    I don't care who you are, I don't care what you look like, I don't care how many followers you have on XYZ social media to make you right in this situation. Just shut up and deal wit the fact people are like this.


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