Privacy intrusive "feature" Active Now


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  • Mogu

    calm down. it's a bug obviously. as soon as discord realizes that it is a thing. they will take care of it


  • TheMarkus1204

    For as long as Active Now now exists, I don't believe this beeing a Bug! And being shown even while Invisible is INTENDED as it was never changed by the developers since it was introduced!

    There is only 1 solution for this "Problem": an option to disable it! OR implement it in a way that you are NOT shown while being invisible regardless of what you are doing in Discord...

  • Franecki

    This works really well for us, thank you! Facing same issue here. Help is appreciated.




  • vertechy

    Thanks to this feature, it is necessary for many users. Your efforts are appreciated.


  • umair123

    This has been very helpful to us. Thanks! I am having the same issue. Please help.




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