Mobile custom rolecolors



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  • PancakeWaffles5

    Personally I would love this. Currently, I use a color picker on Google and then use Dyno to implement the color to the role. Its tedious, and adding the color picker in app would be amazing

  • Duo

    As someone who uses mobile more than PC and manages multiple servers, this feature would be excellent because I don’t like how restricted mobile server managers are in terms of role color selection.
    This has my full support.

  • Galactus

    Running a big server and not always having access to a computer and just preferring to use discord on mobile I would really love to have custom role colors on mobile as a option

  • evilpauwse
    Amazing idea, a custom color picker wheel would be really helpful. Some users don't have access to desktop and have to rely on third party sources.
  • J U S T N E L A

    Edit:  If this gets closed and wont be added I'll make another feedback about this.

  • Frosty
  • Vsbl
    I've been wanting this for a long time, it's very difficult for mobile users to create roles with custom colors.
  • EVAN
    This should definitely be added
  • Mugen

    Agreed, in the meantime there are plenty of very useful bots out there that can update role colors a lot faster than manually. 🐢

  • MattW

    This is something which is in the works as part of completing missing features for mobile devices. It should become available sometime soon.

    Have a nice day.

  • Flamey

    I was about to write it as well

  • Ashdearest
    It's a great idea, a custom color picker wheel would be really helpful. Some people don’t have access to the pc version of discord, this would be quite helpful for them.
  • NathanNorth
    yeah, I agreed. I think this will be a good update, and i have upvoted this already
  • _SpeNNy_

    Yes! That's very good idea!

  • M¡th

    I own a server, but my wifi sucks so I'm always using my mobile phone with data to manage the server. Because of the current role creation UI for mobile, I have to ask my admin if anyone is on PC and if they can spare a moment to help change the color of a personal role for someone. It's highly irritating as I'd like to keep their job, and my own, as simple as possible. I try to bother them as little as I can as it is.
    All in all, I'm saying yes. This would be a huge help to people like me. ^¬^

  • Dïmzzy

    I already did it xP

  • boss
    I have always had to use bots so I wish this came!
  • MaliciousUpload

    Lets get this done! Come on Discord! I will send BTC 

  • Chik-Fil-A

    You're right! You can do it with Dyno bot though. In the command ?addRole, after you add the name put the hex code for the color you want the role to be.

  • hockey_king24

    Yeh it would be nice because my pc doesn’t work and I have to have my friends do it


  • Panicakr

    Could you elaborate?

  • martha

    having to log on pc when i’m on discord mobile like 99% of the time really hinders being able to actively update my server

  • Saluki
    Yes please! This would make my life a lot easier and mean a lot more servers would have more original colour themes.
  • Antarctica Ball

    Yeah the grind selector should be in app. Its annoying to go on browser and desktop version.

  • Why is discord mobile limited at all? Why can't mobile have the custom colors, custom emote management, and everything else that is on desktop?

  • Dragonloncas
    Good idea
  • shriena.
    I agree, my friend.
  • KappaclysmicEvent



  • BappoNoHacko420

    it is possible to use custom colors on PC. mobile users can't have custom colors due to limitations and that a grid that PC has is not possible and we'll optimized on mobile.

  • aMaZiNg

    Sorry to anyone who disliked my comment. I didn't mean that I disagreed with them, I just meant what I said to help people on mobile to be able to still use custom rolecolors, although I do agree that a hex code selector or something similar would obviously be better. I just meant to help.


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