A Best Friend System


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  • Madi

    I love this idea. Maybe even make it to where your best friends are showcased on your Discord profile.

  • HonorisCreed

    Yeah, Discord needs a way to create friend list categories. 


    Let's say I wanted to sort out some friends in a certain group, I could create a 'folder'-ish category thingy.

  • Teo

    It's a good idea!

  • KindaLikeSkydney

    This is insane!! 100% want to see this!

  • Potatoster

    Very nice idea!!! The example images are very well made and I think this could be a very useful feature on Discord.

  • SorrowSky

    This looks so cool, I’d definitely use it if they have it. :)

  • Bepis



    We need this, please WUMPUS CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!

  • Care2die

    Great idea, I definitely want to see it!

  • Riftal

    Yes please!

  • 53P

    wumpus don't betray us by not adding this.





  • Leishen

    this needs to be added 

  • Marc

    really nice idea

  • TheRandomeer

    Still hoping Discord will add this feature. 

  • Slappy McPhee

    I can't believe that people were more concerned about silly server folders over having the ability for favorites or pinned people in your contact list. the fact that discord handles DMs so that conversations just get bumped down as you talk to people just makes no sense to me. I have a server of 3000 members and I need the ability to favorite conversations ASAP. I pay for nitro to donate toward development because I love the service, but still hoping this becomes a thing!

  • Ben!
    This is a good idea, but I don't like the part about not being able to remove them, because if something happens outside of Discord and you want to remove them, you have nothing to report them for. I would also say that instead of a time durration you could just choose who you want to be on your best friends list
  • Smay

    Also maybe let them see your true online/offline status instead of invisible or have a separate status for them to see

  • bob saget


  • 𝓛𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓷

    I would like to add (if it hasnt been mentioned yet) that best friends should have a different notification symbol. It could be that regular notifications could be recolored for example green and best friends could be the current color that they have for notifications. If there would be one normal notification and one best friend notification priority should be given to the best friend notification to show up first. I so want to see this in Discord!

  • MatoXD99

    I discovered this forum because I got the idea too :) It would be nice, not to type usernames when looking for someone or looking for them in million of DMs. It's also little stupid that DMs and friends are in same tab.


    But overall, I love the idea :)

  • mini_coaster

    +1 but I understand that Discord is primarily a server-focused platform where people are naturally grouped by mutual servers.

    I think Discord could peek into an additional market if it provided tools like friend tagging (ie. n:n where a friend can be added to multiple tags) or friend grouping (ie. 1:n where a friend can only belong to a single group at a time). This makes discord friends more like a social hub itself than a dumping ground of bodies and would benefit the peer-peer social scenario of discord. As an avid user of Discord, the use-case I see here is folks who meet in-game and want to keep in touch. In this scenario, there's no mutual server, Discord would just act as a social hub.

    Putting on my PM hat the question I want answered is "Is this worth prioritizing?" Well to answer that, we need signals. Apart from the voting system in this forum, an even better signal (that's not biased against the vocal minority) is to enumerate all friend combinations (remember to remove those permutations!) and compare the groups with one or more mutual servers (traditional Discord usage) and those with 0 mutual servers (this new style of Discord usage). One could even compare other features unique user count against the "0 mutual servers" group count to get a sense of scale (and hopefully prioritize this feature!!!)

  • Gili

    i love that idea so much i hope they gonna add it💖

  • Omeleto

    This will just lead to jealousy at some point

  • Zaphod

    If we could scroll up above the members list.  For those members you talk to.often...

  • Killslayer152

    I'D LOVE THIS, I can rarely find my own friend's chats and have to go into my friend list to find them just to send them messages, being able to pin them to the top of your "Direct Messages" chat would be AMAZING! I'd never have to worry about losing their DMs again, being able to pin someone's chat to the Direct Messages list would be like, the best update other than the folder update. Maybe even adding a little feature where in servers and chats you can see a certain icon next to their name/profile picture indicating that they are your Best Friend.


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