Untrusting a Domain


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  • TidusZecht

    nothing from discord in 2 years and i just had this happen to me and don't have a single clue why there's no information on this happenstance

  • Claymore

    There is a way:

    • Ctrl+Shift+I as written here:
    A new window or sidebar opens.
    • In the new window or opened sidebar, go to the "Application" tab.
    • Find "Storage" on the left.
    • Click on the arrow next to "Local Storage".
    • Click on "https://www.discordapp.com".
    • Now find and click on "MaskedLinkStore" (Key) on the right.
    • On the right side of "MaskedLinkStore" you'll see for example {"trustedDomains":["tenor.com"],"trustedProtocols":[]}
    • Double click on it. You should now see, you can edit the value.
    • Remove the trusted domain. Example: {"trustedDomains":[],"trustedProtocols":[]} Make sure, you leave at least the [].
    • Now press F5 or restart Discord.

  • French Fries

    I didn't find the "MaskedLinkStore" on the key tab. What should I do if there's no "MaskedLinkStore"?

  • [m]

    Claymore That works like a charm. Thanks! (also bumping this to give it more attention.)

  • Mees

    How would that work around work for people who use the desktop or mobile application?

  • Claymore

    That workaround is exactly for the desktop application. You can also use the developer tools, if you're using your browser on desktop and follow the guide. For mobile and only Android, there are some editors to edit this directly. You either need root for it, or you have to use ADB to get around. Both ways require some additional and not really recommended steps, if you don't know what you're doing.

    There is no way to do this on iOS. Jailbroken or not.

    This should be a common option in Discord to list and revert once blacklisted domains. It's like "Whoops, you wrote something in your Word document. Sadly, you can't edit or remove it anymore. Too sad."

  • EpicCarnage

    Can't find the "maskedlinkedstore" please help

  • Goodperson5656

    Claymore when i double click on the trusted domains think it doesnt work

  • Trincowski

    Well, I've fixed it on Android by deleting all the storage from the app and login again. Stupid solution but I couldn't find any other way.

  • Official Cityplace Tower

    Does this work only on the web browser? I am trying to do this on the desktop app but it does not open links for some reason.


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