Ability to hide specific verified games


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  • Cas

    Please, implement this feature

  • Pururu

    Disabled this feature, since I have an idle game running 24/7. This feature is rather pointless if I can't disable the game or choose which game I'm showing when running multiple at the same time.

  • rcd800

    Are they just ignoring this? It's been 3 years already


  • 94FL

    This post has already 300 comments.
    3 years and 856 upvotes later, and Discord still ignores this.
    At this point I think it does not worth giving any hope for this.

    If a moderator reads this, please, just reject the idea, give us an explanation why, and move on.

  • Ghostship

    It is straight up Facebook-level f**king INSULTING that this is still a thing. This is some, and I say this with no hyperbole, Evil Empire sh*t and I'm giving Discord 3 months from this date (calendar set) before disabling Nitro, killing my server that has TONS of boosts on it, and of course removing all my personal boosts across multiple accounts. My wife will be doing the same and I'll be encouraging many of my friends to do the same. This might SEEM like a mild problem but it IS NOT. Especially considering you did NOT get my explicit approval to sell my gaming activity. This is not protected by a simple TOS. Much like applications on the iPhone platform and other spaces that require approval for cookies to be explicit, this needs to be as well before I allow it to happen. GIVE US THIS OPTION OR ELSE.

  • Aeon1704

    In simple, Ghostship described GDPR violation.

  • Ðrawinox

    This would be an awesome feature.
    Very disappointing, they're ignoring this.

  • Rimuru Tempest

    Even 3 years on this feature isn't here

    Come on Discord, thought you were all about listening to your community?

  • Nilleftw

    I've tried posting here, posting on Reddit, tweeting them, DMing them on Twitter, sending emails and created new threads. Completely ignored everywhere. The only response I got was from a support ticket, where they said "I'll ask them to look at the thread".

    Can they at least just kill the thread and say "no, f**k off" or something? Being ignored is worse than being denied.

  • Nilleftw

    I have now tweeted again and sent a DM on Twitter. The last time I DM:ed them, this thread had 116 comments, in 2020. This is getting sad. 

  • eschack

    I am totally with Ghostship. My patience has run out. 3 months from now my Nitro will be cancelled if this suggestion still has not been put in the pipeline. I am sick and tired of useless emoticon fluff being prioritized over barebone privacy features.

  • Tiina Onir

    Aeon1704 If you're in the EU, file a GDPR complaint. Maybe a good legal hassle with get their rears in gear.

  • MizManTheFryingP🍳

    Tiina Onir Come on you know that's not how that works. They clearly give you a big bright switch to turn off the activity functionality. Just because it doesn't work the way we want it to work doesn't mean they are violating GDPR.

    That said, I'm gonna hit this up with yet another comment after nearly three years. Still relevant today, still sad it hasn't been implemented..


  • Icceed

    Just fix the damn issue already. clearly its wanted and shouldn't be too hard 


    Still waiting

  • Alarthon

    Any time now this can be implemented please. Its the only update I want. 

  • Iggley

    It can't be that difficult to implement, would be even easier to at least give a response one way or another. C'mon discord.

  • Boozifer

    Jot me down for a +1 as well.

    It's the beginner level design decisions like this that keep me from fully embracing and endorsing Discord (re: Nitro). When they start handling their product like professionals rather than amateurs fishing for investors or takeovers, that's when I'll put money into it.

    They can start with this much requested and (for some) much needed QoL/Privacy feature.

  • zaddie


  • VagueVillainy

    Relatively new to Discord here. I can't believe they don't have such a simple feature. I thought it would be a given.

  • HolyBift

    Why has nobody from Discord acknowledged this well populated 3-year-old thread? Yes, you can turn off activity status completely, but that's not the spirit of being social, is it? C'mon guys, let us know why you won't implement this feature, please. Failing that, you could just implement it? Thank you!

  • Angiol


  • reggie

    had to make an account just to comment on this, cause it's ridiculous. There's not a single dev reply after 300 comments and almost 4 years?
    Are you guy serious?

  • Nilleftw

    Found a thread on Reddit now about this. I don't know if any devs or community managers hang there or care?


  • p5p53c


  • MuffinTastic

    Please add this

  • Kaffien

    It's been 3 years.  Some people don't want the fact that they are working on some obscure thing that ISN'T a game to be broadcast to the world.  At least allow the ability to block certain things from being recognized as a game. 

  • SysComp

    Any ETA on this?

  • YoursTruly

    Discord doesn't detect verified apps if you change the name of their executable file.

  • depo

    This ticket was created 4 years ago and it has not been implemented yet. This would be a very user-friendly QoL change that I think is a no-brainer for an application as powerful as Discord. As paying users, we should be able to have more minute control over privacy settings like this.


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