Allow bots to create client-side bot messages like Clyde


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  • Two

    ^ I agree with the message above. Maybe only verified bots should be able to use this?

  • Bentroen

    I just figured this would be extremely useful for the bot I'm making, and it's sad that it isn't a thing yet!

  • melzhang

    Slack also has something that's similar so may be a good proof case

  • DonV

    Agreed that this is a fairly common feature that can be useful. I'm building a bot right now that, instead of providing info to just the user that requests it, will end up spamming the whole channel, thereby necessitating the creation of another channel.

  • Donovan_DMC

    This exists now. With command interactions, supply the message flag 64 (1 << 6) when responding to an interaction, or creating a a follow up message

    it's called an ephemeral message



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