Discord for Windows 10 ARM64


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  • Adonnen Kinslayer

    agreed, I really hope more companies will adopt ARM. The benefits of viable arm pcs are great. More competition to intel and amd is always a good thing.

  • Mad-Cat

    +1 to arm i will not leave the windows 10 x86 client running on my Pro X cos of battery



  • TheGentleChainsaw

    +1 not just to this, but also to ARM64 builds of the Linux client. You know, for the sake of all the enthusiasts out there who I just know are already drooling at the chance to try and get Linux running properly on the Pro X and similar "always connected" PCs.

  • Permanently deleted user

    The experience on the Pro X leaves a lot to be desired, hopefully this happens soon.

  • rubin

    Has there been any movement on this? It would indeed be pretty great if Discord could support Windows on ARM with their Desktop App. Electron supports it nowadays so why not!

  • Vascro

    I just bought a surface pro x and would love a native arm64 compile of discord to run on it. The desktop app for x86 has some major lag, not to mention the battery drain. And the website currently has a glitch for me where anytime I press backspace on some text I've written, the cursor jumps to the beginning of whatever I've written. Incredibly frustrating.

  • MattBDev

    The fact that the app isn't 64 bit yet and still doesn't have a native ARM version is really puzzling to me. Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS all have 64 bit versions of the Discord app and yet there is none for Windows. 

  • stevej


    It's been two years since this request was posted.

    We need a native Windows ARM64 client immediately!


  • Joe1003

    Please provide an ARM64 version! The people have spoken.

  • |)OO(|

    Hey y'all, can Box64 work with discord?

    i haven't tried that, but if it does, please reply to this!

  • SpaceGoat

    With Microsoft pushing Windows on ARM by releasing Windows on ARM devkits (Project Volterra), now seems like the perfect opportunity to create a native ARM64 build of Discord!

    I know for a fact that Electron can already be built for ARM64, so the main work would be updating Discord's native node modules to support the architecture.


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