Password Channels


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  • czarlie

    I don't like that idea. When you set a password for a channel, you always have the risk of the password being leaked by one of the people that have access and everyone getting access to the channel. Creating roles for each channel might seem more effort/clutter at first but does not bring those concerns with it.

    If you want a channel that everyone can add others to without being able to edit roles, that is kinda what group dms do.

  • mars

    Correction, there could be passwords to grant access to a user and a user only.. 

  • AdmiralStark

    I'd like to have a password protected channel for a Spoiler Zone.  Want to talk about the latest episode of  your favorite TV series, you can enter here but use the password 1234.  This way the people wanting to avoid spoilers won't join and won't get notifications. 

  • matieus27

    I was thinking about the same


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