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  • Kaelikbug

    The API is rather useful in this case for an alternative solution.
    You could publicise the bot and then add a server whitelist feature (as that seems to be the only reason you'd want to avoid making it public), like a text file separating server IDs by linebreaks, in your bot code where it'll instantly leave a server it's not supposed to be on. It could also avoid processing any messages/other stuff from those servers. Then you could easily modify the text file just by adding a server ID. Or if you use commands, then a DM command to add/remove server IDs to the whitelist and rewrite the text file could work.

    Then you could, with ease, whitelist the server. Some administrator adds it to the server. The bot scans the whitelist for if its supposed to be on said server. If so, it'll stay and do its thing, else it leaves.

    Hopefully, you'll find this solution useful? :>

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