Can't see any server icon


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  • kathryn

    I've been getting the exact same issue recently. My discord chat is all messed up when I go into servers. Any updates? 

    edit: I just saw the same thing on Reddit, apparently this may work

  • genxgeek

    Using a macbook pro running Catalina. Re-installing macOs.dmg fixed this. 

  • BlackSun

    Ay, just because Google has become utterly useless nowadays as I was just trying to solve the same issue for 30 minutes again, after remembering that there was a hotkey to reset and refresh the GUI of Discord, and searching for that explicitly still didn't bring up the specific hotkey it was short of 10 minutes of manual searching... here:

    Hit CTRL+R when in Discord to reset and refresh the GUI to fix these issues.

    Hear me, google? Index and find this when people look for it. Here's some tags for you.
    Discord GUI broken fix icons reset refresh hotkey

    Press CRTL+R to fix it.

  • kravosk41

    Damn , I've been having the same issue since 2 months now , BlackSun's advice worked like a charm , CTRL + R fixed it .


    p.s i dont know if this is useful to any dev reading this to patch , Im running discord on windows7 ultimate edition 64 bit

  • Bob Duffy

    CTRL+R doesn't work for me.
    Tried 3 different browsers and the desktop app all same issue. Other PC and phone on same network are fine.

  • Steven

    I also get this frequently as well. Seems very likely to occur after sleeping and waking my computer. I can usually resolve it by fully shutting down Discord (closing it from the task bar) then re-launching, But it comes back as soon as the machine is slept and woken again.

  • How can I fix this if I’m on mobile?

    it’s getting really annoying not knowing which servers which.

  • lauren

    i'm also seeing this, this is in the browser, i did an inspect element and watched the network tab and it seems to just sit there trying to load the cdn urls and they just sit there in pending and never load, i really don't understand why 

    edit: i can open the url in a new tab and it still just sits there forever. chrome says "waiting for cache" in the bottom left loading status message, which... doesn't seem right to me

    edit 2: tried copying one of the cdn urls that wasn't loading into wget... it downloaded fine. possibly this is a cache control bug? however, shift+refresh does not fix it, nor does chrome restart

    edit 3: works if i open the server icon urls in incognito, but the same cdn url gets stuck in pending if i open it in a tab in my signed in chrome. wat? i found this stackoverflow relating to the symptom and it doesn't clarify much, maybe there is a keepalive related issue?

    edit 4: next day, seems to have just fixed itself with no explanation. welp 

  • catscratch

    This issue just began for me this morning and nothing has fixed it; reinstalled desktop app, checked browsers... CTRL+R and shiftt+refresh does not resolve.

    Working fine in mobile and on my other PC.   I experienced the issue in Firefox as well as Chrome/Edge.

  • Dalton

    I got the same problem.  CTRL+R did not fix the problem

  • beast321

    how do i fix it one day it's fine and the next day it won't show my servers like wth

  • catscratch

    It's semi-fixed for me now (I didn't do anything, but Discord updated) - but I still can't see emojis. 

    Works fine on my phone and home PC, but my work computer blows raspberries.  Very weird.

  • beast321

    it's still bad for me idk what's wrong

  • SanjayKumar.

    I am in morning checking my discord but it where gone invisible and I can't see it



  • slam bunk

    im facing the same issue tried ctrl r twice but it just doesnt work wut do i do?


  • danfromisrael

    i'm on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and facing the same issue:

    i'm also seeing broken icons everywhere:


    Cmd + R didnt solve it.

    also not restarting the app from taskbar (quiting the app + and starting it again).

    also not reinstalling the dmg 

  • BitWizard

    I think I've figured it out, at least for me.  Our school district filter is filtering some of the media coming through Discord.  I switched to my phone's personal hot spot, did Command+R to refresh, and the icons re-appeared.  As people/servers change their icons I will probably need to do this again in the future.  Hope that helps someone!

  • MidwestDrummer

    I found this thread from a Google search, and it turns out that BitWizard's situation is the same thing I was encountering. My employers internet filter was causing server icons to not load, but when I enabled a VPN, the icons loaded without issue.

  • LOgan

    I'm having this issue where I have an animated server icon but it doesn't move the way it should. Its still like a picture. And there's no problem with the gif as I'm in other servers which already had animated server icons but isn't moving now. I checked in my mobile as well. Does it have a solution?

  • Kanelittle23

    I dont know if this helps but,

    This started happening to me when I full screened an application.

    This happens with youtube and netflix. If you people have done this same thing, it might be this common occurance that causes it.


    I've noticed a couple of bugs for a couple of years when fullscreening and having discord up. 

  • Hugh

    Clearly people are having varying solutions, but CTRL + R worked for me (using the desktop version)!!! Good luck to anyone that reads this.

  • AmberSkull22

    Try using Ctrl + R while in a server that has been effected.
    As far as I know, it only works this way.


  • Mastrada101

    Had basically the same issue and restarted discord on my PC.  That did nothing.  Then I went online and did a Google search and no less than 60 seconds later found this thread and BlackSun's CTRL+R fix, and it worked like a charm. Props to BlackSun for the fix!!!

  • pablo1713

    I found a solution !! So first of all I would like to mention that all of those methods mentioned above did not helped me! (so uninstalling and Ctrl+R and cmd+R did not helped me.)

    But!! When You will start Discord and you will have only two icons of servers (Your and one random) click and hold mouse button on that icon of "Random server" and drag it to lower position. (there will be gray border) After that all your servers will pop up again! 

  • Whisp

    Thank you pablo1713! That click and drag trick worked for me when my entire server list was empty!

  • GearGuy2001

    Thanks pablo1713 - Your trick of dragging the channel down worked perfect for me.

  • yanna

    Thanks pablo1713 <3

  • hmortiz

    pablo1713 It worked, thanks!

  • TankClash

    pablo1713 you're a freakin' genius 

  • Mookez

    pablo1713 is a hero, nothing worked. But Pablo found the fix.


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