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  • Oficjalny komentarz

    This is now officially in the app! 

  • vshzR

    I keep looking up this feature to see if they will do anything to support this, and I have seen no official response. I am ready to start a freaking movement as the only features they care about are trying to replace steam as a game selling platform to monetize their platform.

    In short I am about to give up all hope that this will become a modern chat platform.

  • Wayne Brady


  • Greem

    I think Slack has this as well?

  • Hans

    How is this not a thing yet?

  • dmelton_

    I hope they are actively working on this. I love discord but in servers with a lot of users, it can get really messy. Threads would be more efficient and make channels much much much cleaner. Can't stress it enough.

  • The DesTROYer



  • Viking

    Message threads would be ideal. At the very least, Discord needs a "reply to this message" feature so that a comment in a busy chat has the proper context.

  • Ito (he/him)

    Please for the love of whatever gods, goddesses, or flying spaghetti monsters you pray to, can we P L E A S E have conversation threading?

  • Juliano R4010

    Viking, there is another request for reply to message, as "Quoting" here:

  • Viking

    Thanks, Juliano.

    I've upvoted that one now, as well.

    Threaded chat would be the better solution, but 'quoting' / 'reply' would be an improvement over the current functionality.

  • Juliano R4010

    I agree, Viking.

  • Sure, Discord, you've got plain, normal Markdown that makes sense.
    Telegram and Slack are DESTOYING you with selecting, forwarding and replying to messages.
    Slack is DESTROYING you with turning messages into neatly nested threads whose replies can show up in the channel or solely in the thread itself.

    Slack wins again with showing a server's threads in their own little DMs/Activities/Etc. type menu. It wins yet again with being able to favorite messages, threads, and CONTACTS.


    Come on, Discord.

  • Gehock

    Also a note that this feature was suggested already in 2016 and had almost 900 votes, but Discord has quietly removed the feature request since.

  • Juliano R4010

    Straypet, threads are exactly to make discussions gruped, making it easier to find.

  • Tiago Magalhães

    Yeah, I know what they are supposed to be for. I am just of the opinion that they don't work and are counter productive. After having to endure them for quite a while in a workplace that used Slack I am in no hurry for the people over at Discord to shove them here as well.

  • Tiana_Deadly_Poison

    I think threads are useful and I agree with Juliano, threads make chat easier to find :) I absolutely pro threads

  • OriginalTexter

    I just submitted a request for this, wasn't able to find this right away! I support this 100%

  • Emptylord

    I would like this as an option for specific text channels, if not a default feature. 

  • HolesInTheFoam

    Yes, well-thought-out threading capability would be a GOOD thing. I heartily concur.

  • SaltyPotato
    This could maybe be implemented as a way to easily link a previous message in your own message.
  • gamma

    Slack has a similar function where you can have a separate conversation called a "thread" - it's a bit awkward tho because it goes too far in separating the "thread" from the channel so that it becomes its own separate mini-channel. A reply button with some of the "thread" functions would be good

  • dmz2112

    Threading, please.  Or at least explain to us why it's against your principles.  You are making this weird.  :)

  • ahoshmand

    We need it

  • moth

    This is one of two reasons why I (and my employers!) still actively use Slack, which offers this. Discord having this feature would be a catalyst for switching for Discord for workspaces.

  • mrmaceurope

    Just adding in my vote for Discord to implement Conversation Threads, with all the conversation going on in a channel this would be a must have feature request :) 

  • Tiana_Deadly_Poison

    I voted this idea too. I also sent a ticket to Support asking about threads and they told me to vote since the Discord team takes into consideration our proposals.... we 'll wait and see but I'm with you

  • Gaïa - GaiaNovae

    I voted to have threads on Discord (like on Slack) because is the best thing for a Teamwork with multitasks purpose.  

    I Hope threads will be on Discord ! 

  • Michael - ZonderZorg

    I strongly support the idea of threads. It's frustrating to do long scrolls attempting to piece-together a conversation when a channel is busy. Important things frequently get lost.  

  • Raatommo - ID Associate

    Discord need thread to make chat easier and neat. I support and vote for that feature.


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