Ability to change mobile notification sound


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  • bonbonne

    yeah can we have a custome for this pleas? can't even make a difference betwin the join and leave sound... :/

  • Dearthair

    Yes for different people's PM and for each channel so you can tell they apart without the overlay.

  • Forikiin Mitsuki

    Yeah, I'd love to be able to differentiate between Discord and everything else

  • TazWren

    I would love to custom set notification sounds just for discord, from within the app (Android or iOS) without having to change the global notification settings of the phone itself. Right now that is the only way I can set a tone

  • hiccups

    Would be cool if I could set a custom notification sound for discord.

  • Flamefrenzy

    Agreed. So many other apps have this option, it can't be that hard!

  • Fuzen

    This would be great for direct messages as well, if there's going to be a trail phase, I would like to see it there.

  • Hyshinara

    This would indeed be really nice :)
    Telegram and FB Messenger have unique sounds, meanwhile Discord sounds the same as an email, so I don't even look at my phone...

  • fuse-

    I think this might have had to go in the ''other'' section, sorry my bad. If a mod could move it, ty!

  • theblackbrant

    I would like to be able to assign different notification sounds to different channels or servers. I want notifications from all my servers, but some of them I care about a lot more than others and it would be nice to be able to determine the level of immediacy with which I want to check the message just from hearing the ring tone. 

  • Warriorfoox
    Or like a system where if Discord sees you're afk for x amount of time it will start giving notifications sounds for that channel (and other channels of course)

    duplicates of this, that, and there

  • ZekzySauce

    yes, I want to change the sounds to KDE Kopete

  • Mannywy

    I'd like to add that the option could be added on the notification options of each channel. Wouldn't conflict with any thing as you just adding to the options list

  • Icy

    Hasn't this been requested for the last two years or more?

    It's pretty crazy that a modern mobile app does not allow you to have a notification sound other than the system-wide default.

  • SmartPrograms

    For any android users, it is possible to change the notification sound.


    To change it go to User Settings > Notifications > Tweak notification settings > Then you can click the specific notification category for the sound you want to change.


    Hope this helps y'all I find it very useful myself :P

  • LeCarrot

    This is different depending on the app. That works for Facebook messenger, but not for Discord. At least, not for the Pixel 2 on Android Pie. It's my understanding that different implimentations of the Android operating system do this differently

  • Icy

    I must be doing something wrong then @smartprograms, because I'm using the latest beta version of the Android Discord app (9.2.5) and do not see anything like 'Tweak notification settings'.



  • Вилгерт

    Very quiet alert sound on iOS. It would be great to be able to strengthen it. Thanks!

  • Truthsayer11

    Definitely there's no entry in Settings named "Tweak notification settings".

  • Islands

    I can barely hear the notification sound on mobile. We miss messages all the time which is horrible for a messenger client. PLEASE allow custom or Default iOS ringtones!

  • sudo-prime

    I'll second this. I don't even mind not having the ability to pick the sound, if at least the discord notification sound on android was the same as it is on essentially every other platform. In fact, I've looked far and wide, and as far as I can tell, besides letting another app have full permissions to intercept and read all incoming notifications, there is no way to set the discord notification sound to be what it is on both PC and iOS. This is frustrating because I'm used to being able to pick out the discord notification sound from other notifications without even glancing at my phone. Consistency is key! (Oh, and being able to pick a custom notification sound besides discord's default one would be nice - but for me, that feature is far less important than being able to tell the difference between receiving an email and a discord message.)

  • tbaby

    Why is this still an issue

  • Icy

    I've since moved to a new Android phone and now have access to the 'Tweak notifications settings' option, which directs you to the system setting for notifications for the app and allows you to set a specific sound. Yay.

    Moved from Android 7 to 10, so suspect it is dependant on that, as they have improved the granularity of notifications in the OS.

  • techman05

    Tweak doesn't let me change sounds. It only lets me change what notification to see. I have a Samsung S20+ with android 10. Thanks

  • veelaprincess

    When you get to Tweak Notifications, Hold down on which ever notification you want to change and it will take you to the page with the option to change the sound. I too have a S20 so no worries about it being a different OS. Hope this helps everyone!

  • techman05

    Wow helped me. Somehow android did not make that a transparent option.

  • Em0lici0us

    @veelaprincess Thank you so much !!!

  • Discord89

    5 years and you still can't set the notification volume louder (or in any other way) on IOS.


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