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  • XODorioh

    Still a huge issue for me. I like to share my art with my friends and discord guts them down so that you can't even see the lines. I guess if I pay for nitro for no reason then I should just cancel it being that the main selling point is actually inaccurate and false.

  • bih

    bumparooni. whenever i send gifs on the app the preview looks like doodoo but when i enlarge it or whatever after a couple seconds it looks fine.  for a couple weeks they looked fine even in the preview but now they look bad again

  • rowell

    Hey guys Just wanted to let everyone know if you are having an issue with imagine compression it could be due to the file type, I noticed changing a .Jpg image to .Png Made the image a clearer.

    Maybe due to something with uploading the file while it is a jpg makes it more pixelated.

    Also make sure you enable file name extensions in windows (:


  • MarikoRawralton

    This is labeled as "Completed" but it was never actually addressed and is now worse than it was a few years ago!

    After the recent React update on Android, ALL IMAGES ARE COMPRESSED, even if they're already compressed.

    Oddly enough, there IS a toggle to compress images. It doesn't do anything, though. It's called Low quality image mode, and it's meant to be used on mobile data.

    I sent a support ticket, believing it to be a bug and submitting tons of images and even a video. I was ultimately told it was "working as intended" and sent to this thread.

    This is absurd. What is the purpose of Nitro if everything you send is just gonna get squashed? It ruins the nature of filesharing and ultimately undermines the products they're trying to sell. I'd been considering a Nitro sub, but seeing this, it seems more fit to just disable my account.

    Compression is a necessary evil for people on mobile data or people who aren't as tech savvy, but it should absolutely be optional! Discord is much more than a simple chat site. It's used to move around game assets, personal art pieces, etc. This is absolutely unacceptable and the site should be held accountable for it.

    EDIT: Even Skype's mobile app has an option to send a raw image file. Y'know, the platform Discord replaced for a lot of people? C'mon, there's no excuse.

  • Shenzu

    Nitro user here too.

    2 days ago, I sent a video of my cat to a Discord friend, specifically to show the camera quality of my new iPhone. 

    The video supposed to be a 72MB video or something like that.

    When I sent that video, the weight was of 1.90MB, are you kidding me? The quality looked like 360p when the video was recorded 4k 60fps.

    Please look into this Discord!

  • Melon

    I (as a nitro user) want to upload my fancy SVG image and I am limited to generating a PNG and then having it downscaled to compressed so much its barely even viewable at any size, and showing the same 512x512 size that I used when generating my original PNG, the two images look so different from the compression artifacts that its not even worth generating an 32x32 pixel blob to upload because even that will look like an 8x8 mosaic

  • MarikoRawralton

    It seems that Discord is planning on implementing mandatory video compression across mobile for non-Nitro users, capping the resolution at 720p or 1080p for Nitro users. I expect this to affect image uploads as well, so it seems Discord has heard the complaints, they simply don't care and wish to save some money on top of charging 10 dollars a month for basic features.

    Even Skype gives you the option to upload raw image files.

    Even Skype, the platform Discord was meant to replace, did a better job uploading images and videos.

    I suggest people take their business elsewhere or just cancel their Discord Nitro subscriptions entirely if they're going to keep using it as leverage to make the base experience worse.

  • Jaime Shirazi

    Hot take, I don’t think the mandatory video compression on mobile is a bad thing. iOS already resizes videos frequently to 360p and if you’re already working with an 8mb video file size limit then I think a 720/1080 cap, for mobile, is pretty reasonable. Like, if it’s a really short clip and you care enough you can put the time aside to transfer it to desktop or upload it to be hosted externally anyway. Any video above HD being sent from a mobile device will probably have a bitrate that makes the excessive resolution pointless anyway. Although, 720 would be kinda lame. I do hope if this is true, they stick to 1080.

  • Paradox Edge

    Corporate greed is rapidly corrupting Discord. So much for the "we care about the people" motto they originally had. They'd rather add in user flair and more paid exclusivity than actual useful stuff. It's all downhill from here, kids.


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