Keep Discord mobile from hogging the audio stream.


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  • bklynnets12

    Agreed - i hate having to mute & deafen the VC when making a call as my chat mates will hear everything I say to the caller and I can still hear them. The audio should separate automatically so that when making a separate call in a different app discord auto mute/deafens



    The first time I realized this I eas ordering dinner by Credit card over the phone and realized they could hear me when they started repeatng the fist 4 digits of my credit card # back.i promptly mutrd but had no clue the mic was active on both calls when no other app behaves this way and discord doesnt warn you of this feature/bug.

  • Cidal_DanK

    Also, when listening to music via discord with my friends, I almost cant on my phone because it sounds so bad. At least the option.

  • Coach Jeff

    Still no resolution?

  • ShompiFlen

    I also would like to be able to switch between call mode and media mode, because in call mode the app has a passive incoming audio noise reduction and makes music bots and other things to sound horrible. 

  • HighTemplar

    Please please this! I want to just listen to a channel but not through my phone speaker. Should have a listen option that just plays audio through the media channel.

  • Criterium

    When will this be resolved. cause its just so god dam annoying

    Legit im trying to listen to a song in a discord server with my mates and the quality sucks so badly. No bass and the singing is awful. Its pretty stupid.

    Please discord fix this,,,


    - Criterium


  • Djatlov

    Its annoying asf, music bots and stuff on headphones sounds like crap. WTF is happening ??

  • Anatolia

    I can't listen music or anything with sound on mobile because it's sounds so bad. This has been the situation more than one year. Discord have to fix this issue as soon as possible.

  • Kylle

    Not gonna lie, It sounds so horrible. Discord, please fix this I needa listen to music with my peeps.

  • Sen | セン

    there's already a fix, switch to call mode in the audio settings

  • MohitDeshwal

    Call mode doesn't help

  • Sen | セン

    it fixed it completely for me though I had to leave my chat and restart the app

  • Orbnet

    Did that and it still doesn't work

  • Popolep

    The only way I can listen it good is opening a game called call me emperor, but, as you can see, I can't watch videos while in game :/ I don't know why it happens

  • twepot

    Bump? Discord doesn't read forums ? Just recently got wireless earphones. When in call, it just makes the sound like montone. Changes to call mode. It helps but my call need to be on speakers which I don't want. I want to hear my media and my call properly through my earphones.

  • Toast

    wireless headphones are your issue. don't use Bluetooth for calls.

    however, call mode is a *partial* solution
    the downside is it makes you extremely quiet
    however everything else is perfectly audible

  • Super3dcow

    This is definitely still a major problem. I play music via Discord for out D&D online game. If I am listening through a computer, it sounds great. However, no matter what setting is done in the app, it sounds terrible. It's as if there are audio balancers treating the music like it's noise. Most becomes hard to hear, randomly gets loud and quiet. Even general talking comes in and out in ways it doesn't on PC. This really needs to be fixed. Just let us use the same full quality as the PC version!!

  • Fireside

    Discord please fix this I can't listen to anything other than the call. Not from music bots, and not even outside apps like Spotify or YouTube.

  • Anonymous9978

    Fix this asap

  • Smothering Ash

    One thing that works for me is pressing the hang up button on my wireless headphones

  • Mark Holt

    This thread is over a year old and you still haven't fixed it? How much money are you making, Discord? But you just can't be bothered lmfao

  • Aurora

    It's smooth 2020 and I still can't listen to music on my phone without it sounding like garbage and also use discord at the same time

  • Nyx

    March 7, 2020. and Discord still haven't fixed it.
    it's so annoying when i wanna listen to music with my friends, especially when i was on a trip.
    tf r u doin' for updates and maintenance, discord? only add some freakin' paid features without fixing some issues? please fix it!

  • Proxicarus

    I have problems with this too. Discord, please update and fix this.

  • Basher

    Same problem :c pls fix discord

  • Cave Johnson


    Go get into a snapchat call with someone, or something like that.  Happens with any sort of call.  It is an Android issue and seems to have been an issue years now, with no fix.  Almost seems intentional.  It bugs the living hell out of me.  

  • potterheadsmiler

    Is there a way around it, then?

  • Nyx

    i just found a way to fixed it accidentally, wtf.
    i just go on setting > apps > discord > permission > turn off the microphone permission, then open the apps.
    if discord ask you for microphone permission, just apply it . then try to adjust your volume, it won't be your "Phone Call Volume" anymore.

    but maybe there are some things that have to be sacrificed, like

    - your voice can't come out
    - if your voice can come out, maybe your friend will hear it like double sound

    - you can't adjust bot or your friend's sound by your phone button, but you can adjust on the apps

    idk this method will works on you or not, but obviously I tried this method, and managed to fix it.

    *bad english, sorry.

  • Chi

    My problem kinda similar. After using voice chat on Discord and then listening music on PowerAmp, Spotify or YouTube EVEN after i forced closed Discord app my IEM sound mono tone.
    The only way to fix it is restart the phone. And this happen after updating the latest version. Back then when i still used older version before Discord Nitro launch, i never had this issue.

  • pingu

    Bois, try to use force OpenSL ES, worked on my phone so that music doesn't get trashed when in a discord call


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