size of avatars and names back to normal (Android)


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  • PixeL

    Please. At least make it configurable.
    This new size is unnecessarily big.
    The other size was perfect.

  • criptixo

    this new size looks horrible.

  • antonio32a

    I agree with PixeL.

  • ominouscry

    I wish you'd at least make it configurable cause that looks way too unnatural and unnecessarily big.


    [EDIT] Thanks for adding a font scaling setting, really appreciate it!

  • Kohai~

    it hurts my eyes

  • Thrasilias

    The old one was way better in my opinion, hope this gets removed

  • That1RΛZΞRboi


  • Xia

    I strongly dislike everything about this upsize. The other one was absolutely perfect. Atleast give us an option to switch between the sizes, if you'd prefer to keep both.

  • criptixo

    i agree with Xia the old size was perfect.

  • Ohno

    Yeah the old size was perfect and didn't need a change imo

  • Despacito Cube

    Ewwwwwwwwww awful we need old size back

  • LegitBananaMan

    Old size was much better, this looks inhuman

  • Hydtama㊙

    Please revert to the previous font size. It's too big..

  • uwu wiggles tail

    This size makes me wanna neck rope. Please change it back. I agree with everyone saying the size should be configurable just like on PC.
    (Save a life :pepeHands:)

  • Gl_tch Cat

    Hello Jake, it's been awhile.
    I had hoped I would not have to be back here again, but alas, here we are.

    Do you recall what I mentioned the first time I had to respond to an update?
    If I remember correctly, it was something along the lines of,

    Give the people a choice, dear friend.

    I've seen that this decision was unanimously agreed upon by the devs.
    I hope this thread has brought to light the unanimous dislike of the change.

    You have a group of bright individuals, Jake.
    They should know better. You should know better.

    Do better.
    I hope I don't have to come back on here again, Jake. This is the second time.

    Have a pleasant evening.

  • Mr. Black

    I think the change isn't quite unnecesary but it was not implemented properly. In my opinion it should be an option so users with a poor vision can enable it and let the rest of us with the smaller avatar and name size.

  • Subbed

    I can generally get used to smaller and smaller font, but not bigger. This change is really not appreciated and I sincerely ask for a way to revert back to the previous font size.

  • Anthony

    I'm not the only person that thinks the font should change. I think the font should be determined by the device's set font size or maybe a configurable in-app slider. Not this. This just looks visually bad.

  • MinYoongi

    There is literally no reason to increase size of the names and icons when Smart phones/tablets from LG, Apple, Samsung, and other phone brands, have many options to zoom in on everything for those who has vision problems in accessibility settings.

  • purpzie

    Seems like this is a case of "I keep noticing this because I'm not used to it", I'm already fine with the new size even though I wasn't before.

  • NotCancer

    The icons look like normal now when using the smallest scale settings which makes it look weirder and fits less stuff in at once

  • Mango

    Having a curved screen (Galaxy S8) some timestamps are shoved off onto the edge of my curve

  • Incineroar

    I like having small fonts for everything so having suddenly larger elements makes it really stand out in an awkward way. I'd really like to have that changed back.

  • TheRoundCube

    Better yet, allow us to choose between sizes

  • SirDoz

    The increase of size of avatars and username makes my small display crowded.

  • ks
    honestly loving redesign and hope it will stay. makes it way more comfortable to use app
  • Nitrous

    The new size makes small displays look even smaller. Please turn it back.

  • Dark$pace

    Well, yes, I agree with this.
    I think the best case is to be able to manually configure it, but in the case that isn't possible or will not be done, I think too the font size was just fine before and now it looks too big.

  • Shikyorei

    My Android just updated when I had to restart my phone due to keyboard issues and
    The new size for usernames is seriously messing with my vision and hurting my eyes. P l e a s e at least give us the option to toggle back to the previous size.

  • Břex /アヌス

    Disgusting, everything is so big, I have been using smaller system font and now it's ruined.
    ~Břex /アヌス


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