[Suggestion] Mentioning without pinging


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  • RogueSakura

    PERFECT! Sometimes you also just want to ping a user to show someone else who you're talking about, e.g. when multiple people have the same name. you could always give their full name without the @, but it'd be so much easier if you could provide a "link" to their profile so there's not even any room left for confusion.

    however, I do have to add that what I described (aka leaving out the @ in the mention) kind of gives the same as this feature would. this suggestion would just be a little more comfortable way to do it.

  • Homie Box
    Great idea! +1
  • Kaia

    An actually usable idea, I agree this would be extremely useful for staff who just want to highlight their message so it catches your eye, but don't want to ping '@everyone' .

    Possibly make the syntax something like, '@highlight' or something like that.

    +1 to this post.


  • Wolforce

    Want to bump this! Discord channels for programming really need this feature because there are usually a bunch of people asking questions on the same channel. +1 +2 +8 +947

  • CaptnIgnit

    I'm needing this feature in a bot I'm writing. There are administrative functions for the bot where I need to reference a user and @Mention is the best way to ensure you're referencing the user you intend. But this means that user gets spammed with notifications for mundane things they don't care about.

  • aspen

    Y e s.

  • ! AwesomePants

    Need this implemented ASAP.

  • Glevion

    Please, add this function, it's really important for one of my bot's features...

  • Angel of Woe

    Yes, please.

  • Y0kenB

    Would be extremely useful!

  • [GodderE2D]

    Yes - this will be helpful a lot. Now I don't need to check my 92 pings notifications every day. +1

  • Emilie

    It'd be great!

    But in the meantime there's a workaround. You can tag people without them getting a notification if for example you wish to link a user to someone else. Simply send a message without tagging the person you want to link, then edit this message and add the tag, it'll link to the user without them receiving a notification.

  • Ente2


    I would need this too for my bot. I have a function where the bot lists a bunch of people that somebody might want to contact on a certain matter. If I add mentions for all of them, they'll all get pinged, which I don't want. If I don't add them, it'll be less convenient to contact them.

  • SoraFirestorm

    This is also useful because a lot of people try to auto-complete people's names by mentioning them... which pings them. This is especially painful in cases like mine where I have a bot that stores game profile information for users and they needlessly ping people trying to save some typing effort. Heck, sometimes I start a ping just so that I can get username autocompletes so that I can check on various things (whether or not someone has set a nickname, whether a name that we have seen in-game happens to be involved on our Discord server, and similar purposes). Being able to safely get the auto-completing features of a mention without annoying people is a *big* benefit, in my mind.

  • HDL_CinC_Dragon

    Maybe the quiet ping syntax can be %Name since we already have @Name for pings and #Name for channels. At first I was going to suggest $Name because $ looks like 'S' which would make sense for "Silent" but I'm sure that would be a massive localization problem.

    I often do silent pings (Write the mention in an edit instead of the original message) when I want to draw someones attention to a part of the conversation when they have the time to be catching up on the missed messages such as when we're talking about something on which someone is a subject matter expert.


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