Save client window position after restart


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  • Soulreaverx

    Thank you so much for sharing! This fixed it and saved me a lot of hassle. 

  • eliteguardx

    I have attempted most of the potential solutions in this post but everything resets once the application is closed. It will open on my second monitor but it always resets to the incorrect location and size which is incredibly annoying

  • lampd1

    Alright, based on what SenorBezi posted I extrapolated a fix for OSX...
    1. close discord
    2. in terminal run rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/discord/settings.json
    3. reopen discord, position as you desire - should restore to that position when you restart now

  • Togusa

    I'm having similar problems, where locking the PC and then unlocking it results in Discord (yes, in windowed mode, not full screen) moving from monitor 2 to monitor 1, not saving its position.

    I'm testing SenorBezi's solution, and it seems to work so far.  I also adjusted the "x" and "y" and "width" and "height" values to position the window exactly where I want (in the upper left corner of my monitor 2).

    For anyone else attempting SenorBezi's solution, please note:

    1. Before tinkering with the settings.json file, make a back-up copy.

    2. If you change the settings.json file while Discord is open, it may overwrite your changes when you close Discord, so make the changes while Discord is closed.

    Thanks for the tip, SenorBezi!  Will report back if I continue to have any issues with Discord forgetting its place.  :D


    p.s. Yes, the Discord devs really ought to fix this problem so we don't have to kludge a fix ourselves.  But they're notoriously bad at fixing pretty much any obvious UI flaws and design problems that we users document on these forums, so don't hold your breath.  -T


  • Togusa

    Nope, no joy.  Unfortunately, after locking my machine and being away for a few hours, I came back, and Discord had moved to monitor 1 again.  So editing settings.json did not fix the problem, unfortunately.  Only the devs have the power to fix it, and they're unwilling to, it seems (since this thread is 3 years old).  :-(



  • jlp1528

    Hate to necro, but this is honestly a really nice fix. As of posting, my file just looks like this:

      "BACKGROUND_COLOR": "#202225",
      "IS_MAXIMIZED": true,
      "IS_MINIMIZED": false,
      "OPEN_ON_STARTUP": false

    This will maximize the window and bring it to the top of your window stack (like you would expect) when you open Discord. If you want Discord to start with windows, just set the last line to true. Thank you for the fix!


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