The "idle" status on mobile needs a redesign



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  • SamBro2901

    I completely agree with this. It's annoying to have the colorblind mode turned on when you have such smaller screens of phones already, the least they can do is to add a toggle for that.


  • Blumare

    Yep should be change to the old one please dont change the icons

  • sawayoshi

    It's the same as the A11y symbols on PC. It's weird that they aren't toggleable on Android, because they definitely are on PC.


    Upvoted. Hopefully someone higher up sees this.

  • undermaster.
    Agree, it's also very weird for me. The idle button looks like a yellow crescent and is very differemt from all the other status avatars. Also, the online did not have any changes so they should change it to a beautiful one on the next update
  • Kaydax

    Why the downvotes when I'm asking for this to be a toggleable  feature like on the desktop app. This actually makes no sense


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