Custom statuses broken on Android


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  • Readitbeach

    Same here I thought I'm the only one experiencing this, I'm about to get pissed pressing that save button so many times to save my custom status still it wasn't saved. ʕಠ_ಠʔ

  • lam3z

    Same issue here and because of this Spotify status is also broken. I can see my own status but my friends are saying it is invisible to them no matter what I do or try.

    The only way to make it to work right now is to leave Discord on PC open, but I can't do that.

  • Maka

    @Iam3z (dunno if it'll actually reply but)
    My issue is that when I try to set a status and confirm, then it doesn't even show up for me in the first place, but I think my roommate had the issue you do. I also have to leave PC open to see my status, which is also not an option for me (laptop).

  • KimikoSakura


    I also thought I was the only one experiencing this. No one else seemed to be having any problems or could find any solutions when researching this issue. Like @Maka Even though my custom status says it confirmed a change, the status doesn't show up whether I'm set to Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb, or Invisible. Was it discontinued on Android or was there a bug in the update or something? Is there any way to resolve this?

    Thank you for reading, have a nice day/night!

  • koont

    This started happening about a week ago for me as well. It was working perfectly fine before. Only shows my status if I'm on a PC and as soon as I get off, poof. Cmon discord :(

  • AshesOfEden

    I'm having the same issue! Ever since the update, I can't use a custom status while on mobile (I have Android). It only shows up when I'm using Discord on my laptop. Not a serious issue, obviously. But it is seriously aggravating.


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