Choose to receive push notifications even on 2500+ servers


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  • shutupsprinkles

    Discord decided that my suggestion of Nitro Boosted servers being allowed push notifications at higher caps was exactly the same as this request, so here's what I said:

    I would love for each level of a Nitro Boosted Server to increase the membership cap for receiving push notifications. It is currently at 2500. As an example, Level 1 could increase the cap to 5000, Level 2 to 7500, and Level 3 to 10000.

    (Obviously, that's just a suggestion numbers-wise—I'm not sure what kind of server strain an increase in push notifications causes, but considering Level 1 allows Go Live streams, I don't think it's unreasonable to assume it's completely feasible.)

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  • !M͜͡H๏RAHMAN


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  • Kay Draven

    Having an option to receive these notifications would be nicer than just quietly taking it away from servers. Some people actually care about push notifications.

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  • s1ncerelyme

    As a mod for a big server and not currently having a good computer, the notifications were extremely helpful to me. Not having them has made me feel extremely disconnected from my community and I hate this.

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  • Eggabooha 🎩🎩

    Notifications just kinda help me be more involved in the communities i'm in. I tend to check whenever i'm at my computer but, like i always forget when i'm at my phone, which is way more common


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  • Primillirose

    As another mod for a larger server, being able to know what's happening as soon as it happens is important. Without push notifications, it's extremely easy to assume nothing is going on, which leaves the server I mod for open to trolls and/or harmful content for a longer period of time before they are eventually caught, if they're caught in time at all. To echo what's been said already as well, this creates a disconnection from the community. Not only are mods in the position of not knowing what may be happening/forgetting to check a space without notifications, so are the rest of the server members! This results in very quiet servers with very little activity. I tend to use discord from a computer more often than not, however this isn't always the case, and it's very important to me that I be able to continue receiving push notifications on my phone. 

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  • Tetodash

    I need these notifications so I can keep up with my favorite servers and friends.

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  • Muus

    I would also love to be able to receive phone notifications regardless of the size of the server. This is so lame.
    Maybe keep it like this as default, but give the people the option to change if they want it...

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