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  • politas

    Hey, Discord folks, please don't close this as being a dupe of other posts that are closed for comment!

    This would be really useful. If I'm GMing a game and want my players to be able to have in-game discussions with NPCs outside game sessions, being able to have separate Discord accounts for each character would really improve that experience.

  • Sauce

    I'm planning on using Discord in my work environment and I don't want my subordinates to be connected to the personal account I use for gaming.  Having a quick switch-between accounts like the Gmail app does would be super useful to me also.  

  • Ursa Maximus

    This is a really important missing feature in Discord. Anyone who streams or makes youtube videos or generally creates content needs to have separate accounts for work use and personal use. It's a real hassle currently. Google has this figured out on all their services. Please crib from the way gmail implements multiple accounts!

    Make it a nitro-only feature even! I'll pay!

  • the CursedSTONE

    Something weird has happened. I have this account, The CursedSTONE #7883 which uses the same email and password for The CursedSTONE #1027 So my question is, how do i log into #1027 and delete #7883. Please help ASAP 

  • Catalysτ

    @ the CursedSTONE

    (fyi, don't really think this post is the best place to ask that) but in an attempt to help out:

    I believe the easiest way to do this is to log into the account that you want to delete, -delete it, and use the same login credentials to log in again. where hopefully the discord servers will have cleared 7883 from the login, and you'll be directed to 1027. (given that, it may take a bit of time for the servers to clear it out, so if it doesn't work at first, you might try giving it a bit of time)

    I should clarify: I don't know whether that'd work, but it's my best guess as to how to get it sorted out.

    Hope it helps

  • XHyperDEVX

    It. would. be. easy. nice!


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