Clearing Direct Message Option


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  • Pastelito
    We are still waiting , for when?
  • almostsuspense

    i love this idea and it could be cool to be able to clear whole old conversations

  • Squarto

    I will be filing a suit through GDPR chapter 9 to have this addressed.

  • vivi

    Yes. Telegram does this, and they have a much smaller budget than Discord. Discord can manage.

  • Homie Box
    Why would that be needed?
  • Brush



  • acicada

    Thank you @Squarto I appreciate your effort!

  • Ypsos

    Et !!!

    quelle est la position de Discord .


    Elle évolue dans le sens des demandes ou pas?

  • [TVC] 4mB3r197

    The way the Discord team acts shows how they care about their users: In no way!
    They want to grow, they make pseudo funny release notes and want to offer tons of features. But they obviously hate to answer, respond and implement really wished features!

    What's the issue with the implementation of that deletion feature? Is it probably that Discord simply wants to collect every bit of data and personal information from us to store for whatever reason? If yes, then deleting those data would the wrongest thing one could do. Thus I think that this urgently wished feature will never come. But in the meantime I will leave! "Back to the roots" since other services like Teamspeak still work well and I give a f*** for a ton of features as long as I am handcuffed and Discord doesn't care about me and the community.

    Always remember: The community which helped you to grow so fast, is always able to bring you back to the dust again in no means!

  • Re-Crix

    Every person who says they’ll pay Nitro for it, is another person I wanna bop upside the head. Most people WILL NOT pay Nitro for this feature, so nobody would benefit from it, other than a few people, if it was behind a paywall. This is just a general request, nothing more nothing less. And for everyone who seems to think any addition they want will be given to them need to stop (by this I mean acting entitled to what they want). Discord can choose what they add or decline. I’m all for this addition but we aren’t entitled to it by any means. This suggestion is Basic Services 101, I get that, but we DO NOT have any right to disrespect or trash talk a company or organization for something we feel were “entitled” for. Seriously, doing this will only harm our case. If you don’t like the service, THEN DON’T USE IT. There is no reason to take your frustrations out on Discord’s Staff.

  • Permanently deleted user

    I partially agree with the above.

    Please take something into context, though. This request has been open for years. It was authored by Nelly, as Discord used to use a different system for submitting feedback, so the timestamp above really doesn't do it justice. It's been going for over a year now, though, I can say that with confidence.

    I think the bigger issue here is the company itself. Basic features like this should've been implemented when Discord is branded as a company for the people, but they're adding Nitro features and ads faster than basic features like this one. The people know this, hence the above aggression towards Discord as a company and as a platform.

    I understand what you're trying to do here by trying to tell us not to "trash talk" the company, but I personally don't think that's applicable in this case.

    Following this, "THEN DON’T USE IT." is unnecessarily aggressive, and a point I disagree with. It's not that simple when your favourite communities are using Discord. You're then locked in until you find different communities via a different medium, which could be IRC, Matrix or Skype.

    Many thanks, resynth1943





  • Ypsos


    Il ne s'agit pas de discréditer qui que se soit ni de revendiquer un droit.

    Le Web n'est pas un espace gratuit et revendiquer le gratuit comme un droit est la plus grosse erreur.

    Ceci étant posé, Discord pour sa version free est un bon produit.

    Gardons quand même à l'esprit que si bon  nombre de personnes utilisent cet outil dans le cadre d'animation bénévole, sans contributions financières ni publicité rémunératrice.

    Si cette utilisation se fait  dans le cadre de leur activité gratuite sur le web., elle permet quand même qu'en contre partie,  son créateur pourrait  monnayer les datas des personnes utilisants l'outil.

    Dès lors , le  fait d'utiliser de datas et éventuellement de se faire rémunérer en les revendants  pourrait  dès lors aussi être discutable.

    Outre la récupération de données,  la version gratuite donne aussi de la publicité gratuite des possibilités offertes par le logiciel et devient  une vitrine pour décider les futurs acheteurs.

    Mais on peut aussi se poser les autres questions :

    - Limiter ou brider de trop vers le bas les option gratuites, pour obliger de passer au payant ne va pas surement pas motiver les gens . Ces derniers pouvant  se sentir pris en otage , surtout si ce sont des bénévoles qui ne font pas commerce de leur activité. mais qui savent que leurs datas sont revendus.?

    - ne pas installer sur la  version free une option comme celle dont nous parlons alors qu'elle existe chez le concurrents sur leurs version gratuite,  est-ce un bonne option pour motiver les futurs acheteurs qui souhaitent utiliser ce produit dans le cadre de leurs activités économiques et financières?

    - tant que les gens viennent déposer et discuter de leurs attentes, émettre leur ressenti, le lien n'est pas rompu. Ce qui est dangereux pour  une société économique, serait lié au fait d' une rupture brutale de personne qui rompent tout contact.

    Ce divorce  suite à des   frustrations,  va générer le risque que  ces même personnes vont ensuite discréditer la société sans faire la distinction entre la version free et la version payante.

    Bref depuis plus d'un an il y a une discussion qui ne fait rien évoluer.

    Mais dans le cadre du débat, certes il faut rester respectueux des personnes quand bien même les avis sont divergents.




  • crielthebugbear



  • Breezy5


  • 🗲Zeus🗲

    So why isn’t this a thing, this could be very helpful

  • Pythagoras

    This would help me out so much too... Can there be a way to "delete" the history of the dm? If not for both participants, just for yourself? 

  • Majeye

    How is this not a thing yet?

  • Megabyte

    As somebody who values my privacy, please add this feature!

  • Melo.

    Estoy de acuerdo con esto ya que hay personas con las que ya no hablo y eliminar la conversación uno por uno es bastante complicado 

  • needcr

    Also agree.

  • sgt_4hed

    With GDPR that only applies to how they store and share the data... Holding onto it is fine, GDPR becomes a problem if they get hacked and the data gets stolen.

  • Ypsos

    Discord SVP, mettez enfin à notre disposition cet outil pour supprimer les messages de Chat ainsi que les historiques et journalisation pour éviter tous ces problèmes techniques, de confort comme de respect de protection des données pour enfin faciliter la vie aux administrateur. Déjà que les individus peuvent supprimer leurs messages automatiquement à la fermeture.



    Discord Please, finally put at our disposal this tool to delete the messages of Chat as well as the histories and logging to avoid all these technical problems, of comfort as of respect of data protection to finally facilitate the life to the administrator. Already that individuals can delete their messages at closing.

    Thank you

  • Dinaz

    Make it just like Facebook, locally delete messages for the user side.

  • Danyaal

    Make it so it removes all messages on both sides from a press of a button for total convenience and ease.

  • Tati95


  • djbeatstyling

    dear discord 

    just let me remove my dm from bots its against the european law 
    I rely on Articles 12 and 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation for my request

  • sgt_4hed

    You clearly dont know enough about GDPR... because if you did, then you would know your statement is a complete crock of horse shit lol

  • jd

    This would be really great to add.

  • The Dutch Wolf

    Completely agree. This should've been a thing from the start!

  • Ypsos


    Depuis le temps que cette question est ouverte et qui intéresse de nombreuses personnes, est-ce que papa Noel Discord aura enfin dans sa hotte cette option?



    Since the time this question has been open and which interests many people, will Santa Claus  Discord finally have this option in his hood?

    @ +



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