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  • MegaScience

    I try to search "GMS" for "Global MapleStory," and the search only returns result for "GM" because it thinks I'm saying "GMs" like "Game Masters." It's infuriating. We genuinely need this to work because this is an official Discord server FOR Global MapleStory, not to mention checking for mentions in other official MapleStory servers - MapleStory Japan, namely.

  • Ack2yhnsy

    Search could definitely use an upgrade. It doesn't seem to be popular enough, otherwise it would've gotten an update by now, at least for literal search.
    Another problem: Files are displayed with names, but I can't search for them. If the poster decided to not mention anything that's in the files, or uploads the files separately, it's impossible to search for them.

  • Nacho

    To everyone still adding comments here asking for them to hear you. Please share those comments and this link on your favorite server and ask people to upvote this instead. I'm sure a lot of people have come across this issue and are waiting for it to be fixed.

  • Melon

    4 years, huh?  

    Guess they still need more time for this utterly herculean task.

  • ThePIB

    At this point, I assume it's that Discord developers have taken too much of the hubris side of things, and not enough of the laziness side of programming. They'd rather reinvent the wheel than drop in someone else's solution, no matter how useful or efficient. "If it wasn't made here, we don't want it!"

  • MisutaaAsriel

    How is this still not a thing. I am in a lot of programming and content creation discords. Do you know how many terms are similar to other terms and yet mean completely different things? For example, "map" could be referring to texture maps, mapped bones, navigational maps, UV mapping, etc… Getting results for "map" in every channel when I type an exact phrase like "not mapped" (e.g. searching an error message) helps me little.

  • 9lives

    Try searching the word "Channles" the result is nearly every single post in the discord, and less than 1% of them have the word channel, or channels or mention a chan or anything.

    Discord CEO instead is focusing all his attention on forcing users to change their usernames, but maybe a better investment of that time would have been to start fixing all the broken crappy bugs that make Discord garbage. But Discord CEO is too egotistic to listen to users, he knows best.

  • ButterFingers

    This is still an issue as of 5/15/2024 !!!




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