Adding AV1 and AVIF file playback on Discord for user uploads


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  • BlueSwordM

    I support this change too.

  • Scientia

    Avif images at good quality are so lightweight you wouldn't believe it 👍

  • Absynth

    This would be quite nice thing to be in discord. :)

  • DarwinAnim8or

    AV1 / AVIF is the best video and image codec out there currently. Amazing results for small files sizes. This should be supported since you guys run Electron anyway.

  • Grimmy

    AV1 support in Discord would be really hype so please do this.

    AVIF could be pretty cool as well, as JPEG is pretty shit, but I'd be more hyped for proper animated WebP support.

  • Nick Fury

    I recognise that the Council has made a decision. But given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it and force you to implement it.

  • i hate the coronavirus


  • Lastrosade

    High pixel count anime tiddies for less bandwidth.

  • Snek

    ive been waiting for av1 to be enabled for a while now, not sure why it hasnt been yet

  • gmes78

    AV1/AVIF support is already present in Chromium, there are no technical limitations against this.

  • ziad87

    we need this

  • banana4scale

    +1 for this. but discord probably won't implement it since it would let us share bigger images and videos without paying for that dumb nitro...

  • 1s44c

    av1 all the things pls

  • nathanielcwm

    Desktop Discord on Windows is using Chromium 78 which already natively supports AV1 too.

  • SaltyKimchi

    1+ this please discord

  • Cyastis

    Enabling AVIF and AV1 file playback incentivizes (or rather, doesn't dissuade) users from uploading their content in AVIF and AV1. What does this mean, and why should Discord encourage the use of these new, efficient formats? It comes down to three main factors: cost, ease of use, and humanitarianism.

    1. Cost. Or rather, profitability. One challenge of reducing costs is to do so without reducing long-term investment into the company. Laying off staff reduces development or marketing that might otherwise feed growth back into the platform. While salaries do feed investment back into the company and service, hosting costs (aside from being mandatory) do not invest back into the company. If you are to pay lower hosting costs with the same network quality, then you have effectively increased the company's profit with little compromise. Aside from startup costs (for resizing etc) for supporting AV1 and AVIF better, every month after that, as the formats inevitably increase in popularity, storage and bandwidth costs will reduce. AVIF and AV1 store the same quality content at 50% of the size of JPEG and H.264, respectively. This reduces storage costs for Discord, bandwidth costs for both Discord and its users, and cache may work more effectively due to smaller file sizes. Best of all, unlike H.265 and HEIC, these new codecs come with no licensing costs.

    2. Ease of Use. AV1 and AVIF are silently growing in popularity. All major web browsers support both. Youtube, Netflix, Google Duo, Vimeo, iQiYi and many other services have already started to support AV1, with more expressing their intent to support the format. All major new PC GPUs are bringing AV1 support, with some new flagship smartphones adopting it soon. With AV1 becoming more and more prevalent in the industry, it will be easier for users to upload AVIF and AV1 files to Discord for it to play as-is without having to re-encode it. 

    3. Humanitarianism. Back when Youtube launched VP9, it demonstrated how due to the VP9 rollout, people of countries where bandwidth is expensive or slow were able to watch videos of higher definitions or watch the same quality video with less interruptions or buffering. In one Youtube blogpost, Youtube demonstrated how more than 50% of viewers that watched at 240p from Turkey were able to watch 360p or above later, due to VP9's efficiency. AV1 is 20 to 30% more efficient than VP9 still. This can reduce users' bandwidth costs and improve accessibility where bandwidth or cell is limited. More efficient codecs bridge the gap and assist Discord to reach a more global audience by reducing the barrier to entry.

    Through these pillars, Discord can enhance its service and invest into long-term scalability and reach broader markets, all while reducing costs by adopting AV1 and AVIF file playback.

  • ryder9

    objectively the best codec for video going forward, to not add support would be to lag behind competitors technologically, waste money on storage & encoding, waste money on closed souce codecs with licensing fees, and offer a poorer experience to the bandwidth & data poor

  • hbs

    Enough has been said already.

    What are you guys waiting for?

  • Kalle

    One thing about AV1 is that it takes a lot of processing to decode. About 10x more than VP9. With it being around 30fps on a low end prosessor. VP9 isn't that much worse than AV1. And is supported by a lot more OS. You can make a 15 minute okayish video with VP9 under 8MB if you really wanted to.

    While there is nothing wrong with supporting more things, I think they have more important problems to solve first.

  • Cyastis

    Almost everywhere that supports VP9 supports AV1: Windows supports both via webm and av1 extension packs in the windows store, virtually all linux distributions (and android) support both, macos.. well they only just added some vp9 support this august but both vp9 and av1 have been available on chrome, vlc, firefox, etc on all platforms. Decode support is pretty strong and pretty fast because of dav1d. Also, all major PC component manufacturers are shipping new AV1 hardware decoders in current products (AMD, Intel, NVIDIA).

    For those without hardware decoders, dav1d is fast.. 1080p 60fps or greater (2160p 30fps) for most quad core processors and 1080p-1440p 30fps for most dual core.. the 10x figure is dated it’s now only 2-3x slower than vp9 (and remember, vp9 decode is already ~25% faster than h.265)

    What needs to be improved at the moment is encode speed (and indeed they are making big strides of improvement). But that cost will be shouldered by the uploaders on Discord.

    If, as a first step, Discord simply allows users to decode the files when uploaded (since it’s already supported in electron) then they will already be making progress. Discord won’t have to spare any cpu time, and smaller files/better quality/longer videos can be viewed on Discord and save Discord money and the users get their own benefits.

  • Kalle

    I didn't know about dav1d. Sounds great. I didn't really care that much for AV1 because I thought it was very heavy to encode. I guess it's fine. For me at least VP9 is good enough, though I can understand wanting to get one that's better.

  • Essem

    AVIF seems to be the future of image formats from what I've seen. I'm personally interested in it because of its excellent compression and support for animation, which should hopefully provide a proper competitor to GIF.

  • RedTechEngineer

    as great as it would be to have avif. discord still has neglected to properly implement webp, an image format approaching it's 11th birthday. seeing as how avif is webp's successor and discord has not concerned itself with adding proper webp support I don't think we are going to be seeing avif anytime soon.

  • einsturd

    I just want this file type supported, I would also like animated png's and webp's to be supported. I use apng's for my server title banners, and transparent gifs makes it look so pixel-y. For avif, this is a better image format, and I just want the file supported in it.

  • skillers3

    AVIF and WEBP support. It's a feature that has been a requested a lot. 

  • l3mur

    Discord made its success off of open source codecs (opus).

    They are ethically obligated to support av1/avif.

  • Dreadaxe

    I support this change too.

  • Maikurosofuto

    +1, still hoping for this feature.

  • Chechecoolay

    Same waiting for this feature

  • kwinz

    I think at this point after many years Discord has permanently damaged its reputation whether they eventually add AV1 support or not. The lesson is: don't use Discord they are slow to add new essential features. And it's a closed system with lock in.


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