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  • eldonw

    It would be hard to create an AI for it as the AI would have to take into account many many things, it would have to know the speech patterns of the user sending the message, the context of the message, the messages leading up to that message being sent, and many other things to even begin to become accurate. AI really isn't at the point to just determine this, and I think it would be easier to just add them yourself if you're talking to someone who would be helped or would require this.

  • hikikomori

    Ah, I was just extremely curious as to what would be the case if this were to be properly implemented into the application. Since I am unsure about the programming that goes into these things, it was nice to get a more experienced point of view on this. So thank you very much for that!



  • Chandelure F-5

    Maybe there could be a "Neurodivergence Project" where people could create their own neurodivergence effects, and people could submit them as code for easier implementation.

  • Nguyen Thanh

    Introducing animations or visual cues for different tones in text-based communication could indeed benefit neurodivergent individuals, as well as others who may struggle with interpreting tone. Your idea of using specific tone tags to trigger animations, like the :shake: for serious or anxious posts, is creative and could potentially enhance clarity in online interactions. While implementation may pose some challenges, exploring accessibility settings or automatic tone recognition features could be valuable steps forward. Your consideration of various tone tags and their potential impact is commendable. Let's hope for further discussions and developments in this direction to foster more inclusive communication platforms for all users.

  • Bella Dreanna

    thanks for share about the tags: 
    /j - joking.
    /hj - half-joking.
    /srs - serious.
    /lh - light hearted.
    /t - teasing


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