Not show "typing" when invisible


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  • Jayaax

    If you actually read the suggestion, you would know it was not the point.

  • Anyone

    There are many reasons why this should be a setting people can simply turn OFF!. People are slow typers, people search for things or change their mind, or sometimes they really don't want to be bothered by some others when they are in a discussion with someone else. Just make it a toggle setting. ... why is this so difficult? It's already being asked for (and not only when invisible but always) since this 'service' started!

  • reed

    Yes, please please please make it a thing. Why should I be exposed to the entire server all the time?

  • Stephen

    I do this so much, I NEED it

  • Suhbahstiejaan

    It happened only twice that I found a suggestion by googling something that I think is an option already.
    The same happened with server folders, and we got that too, so maybe we'll get this little option too? Pretty please?

  • Shani

    It also happens pretty often with mobile users (and not only invisible ones); as soon as you accidentally touch a user's name, it starts typing even though you didn't intend to write anything.

    But the whole point of invisible gets ruined if you're visible while (potentially accidentally) typing.

  • Anyone

    It is absolutely ridiculous that this has not been an option from the start. It is even more ridiculous that the many requests for it are just 'overlooked' and 'not there'.... and yes, sometimes people seem to be typing whilst they're not even there .... There is no better word for it.

  • charitwo
    I like this
  • HighMe

    yes, please

  • Djmaster444

    Yes, this would be very nice


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