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  • Ourself

    Thing with the "Just use reacts" point is; After a certain amount of reacts discord hides them (randomly it seems) 
    So that's not really viable for larger servers D:

  • Ult1mat3

    I love this, I hope it becomes a thing.

  • thetechguy
    yeah we need to see this in discord.
  • Lush

    Yes love this idea.

  • E Sharp

    Something similar too doodle.com would be awesome. Poll where you can define time when you're avilable, so multiple people can sort out easy way when to do raid for example.

  • r00ster

    @Ourself I've never seen this happen anywhere. But if it happens then that's a bug which should be fixed by Discord. Doesn't mean they have to implement this.

  • Agent P/A350-1000
    Good idea
  • Crawler
    Good idea
  • RedS
    I want see this
  • Davis

    An app native polling feature is incomparable than using bots or reactions.

    Apart from the tedious bot configuration and commands the UX is much smoother and richier nativelly.

  • Kitty 🐈

    This would be very useful when planning raid times for games. All the poll bots I have found do not offer either time choices or enough options (you need 24+ options; 1 for each hour of the day plus 'anytime' and 'I cant make it') which my clan always uses in Line polls to see when 50 people can log on to kill a boss together. (Can't convince clan to move apps when they are used to these features unless they are offered as functionally here, same goes for notes/albums). Also all but one bot I found misses the ability for people to comment on polls and sometimes you need to answer with option and specifics. Could be great if it also had optional reminders to vote maybe. And yeah a role option for creating polls would be handy too.

  • index.ts
    That’s a great idea!!
  • Shorty

    This can be accomplished using a bot. No point in adding something that already exists.

  • Dark Lord Flaggy

    its poll* not pole (this was hilarious by the way thank you)

    and i agree

  • Chef Scott

    fireman or stripper?

  • 『𝕄𝕚𝕜𝕠』

    On smaller servers with only like 20 people which could be like a group of friends or coworkers its really annoying to go and find a bot and then learn how to use it so a built in feature would be amazing and time saving

  • JB-Pawstep

    I´d love if we could do polls. That would be so useful! I just learned skype has this feature already but skype is actually pretty... outdated :o 

  • Permanently deleted user

    They clearly aren't going to implement this, or it would've been done already. Why bother commenting?

  • worldnamer

    Still looking for this feature - without a bot, this is tedious and requiring a third-party extension for what many consider an essential feature gives the app an obnoxious footprint

  • Nowah

    Yes! We need this.

  • mesub
    Would be fantastic to see.
  • charitwo
    Yes, please.
  • Xxtreem

    Would love this! :)

  • Derrios
    This could be a new embedding form in the embed.
  • Saluki

    Not sure where this is... I've been expecting it to be the next update for a while now.

  • r00ster

    This is absolutely unnecessary and only further bloats Discord. There are bots.

  • Alia

    So help out one of us who isn't a computer or bot wizards. Is there a way to use a bot, or another method, to create a poll for members of a server? We have a small group (less than 40) but the ability to poll that group from time to time would be very useful. From what I read above, I don't know if this is possible or not. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Morzzic

    An example of how it will look.

  • GeneralM13

    I'd particularly would LOVE to see polls that allow server members (maybe with specific roles) to ADD suggestions to the poll


  • Morzzic


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