Changing Avatar too fast?


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  • Cexy

    “The 10 minute cooldown for changing avatars was brought in to stop people from abusing the avatar function using scripts to create a free 'animated' avatar.”

    Is this actually the reason why?

    Holy Hell, that’s dumb. Or at least, it sounds dumb, or at least, like an overreaction.

    I haven’t tried that - nor am I really knowledgeable on the subject - but, I mean...

    1) how many people even did that?
    2) how would a 10 minute cooldown prevent that? Hell, how would a cooldown of any given period of time prevent that?
    3) if they already did it, how would the cooldown fix that? The cooldown seems like an arbitrary non-fix to something that needs other means of repair.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Cexy, what that's saying is that by scripting the upload of a series of images back-to-back in a loop, they can create the appearance of a gif without paying for nitro to get that functionality. Which would indeed put a strain on the backend. Even if it's only a handful of people that did it, stopping those few from circumventing the paywall for that feature is worth the small delay.

    If Discord added a preview option it would help with the bulk of the legitimate complaints, for those incapable of simply cropping the image themselves before uploading. But the delay itself should stay as-is.

  • Blackice

    DarkHeraldMage, I'm curious why you think a one minute penalty would be asking for too much? It would still ruin the scripts function and it wouldn't leave non-abusers with misdirected punishments. Thoughts?

  • KriegerSangre

    Do you ever give up? You're like a relentless little soldier that no one actually cares about and keeps downvoting because no one cares about your puffed-up opinions. Two words for you, my friend: MOVE ON. You're the ONLY one still going, 3 month later, when everyone else has probably blocked you. :) I think you'd do with a healthy dose of reality. Maybe it'll make you stop trolling this forum with your sycophantic views. 'Cause, buddy, that's what you're doing: trolling. Hope you realize.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    It's funny, you few insist on tossing out insults when none have been levied at you, and thinking your downvotes are going to hurt my feelings even when my posts have nothing derogatory in them. It's stuff like that which is why the voting system can never be taken seriously - people will meme downvotes because they don't like someone, not because the post is actually bad.

    I wish you the best, I have nothing against any of you; I simply disagree with what you're asking for.

  • N0X

    What total nonsense. You clearly have no self awareness. Your posts drip with condescension and you clearly think you're the smartest person in the room looking down on all the simple people, when the reality is far from it, showing that you fail to understand simple concepts.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    And again, if you wish to continue being negative then that's up to you to do so. I've had plenty of great conversations with people who want to actually discuss, and have ideas of how things currently are and how they could be changed effectively, and all without anyone being rude.

    Have fun. :)

  • Usaya

    Bless this thread for being 10+ minutes of pointless blather to read. It helped me get through two pointless avatar cooldowns in sequence! I am thrilled that anyone else suffering can easily find this thread and bond with the others about how this rule sucks. As a bonus, we also get to reaffirm that the people supporting the cooldown aren't making any impressive arguments. Nice! Can't wait for more updates in this thread for the next time I need to wait around. Keep em coming DarkHeraldMage.


    How can DarkHerald lack this much awareness? He thinks he is some sort of business master or techgod but doesn't even understand that this function is literally standard in all social media websites. Doesn't understand pleasing the user and prioritizing them. Absolutely stubborn as hell, will go nowhere in life with such a closed mind. 

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Thanks for your super courteous opinion, it was very helpful. lol

    As mentioned too many times in this thread to count, I'm not against an improvement to the upload process that helps people crop their pictures. Do I think it's necessary or a good use of dev time? Not personally. I'm capable of selecting a photo that works as a PFP without difficulty, or cropping one that needs to be resized. But would it help others? Sure.

    What I've stated since the beginning is that changing the process to allow for constant changes of your profile picture with a shorter or even nonexistent cooldown would be a bad change.

    So you can keep up the flame wars, and keep up the downvotes, they don't hurt my feelings. It amuses me how much you're getting riled up about something as goofy as how fast you're allowed to change your picture. More power to you, enjoy. :)


    You literally can't stop arguing, lmfao. You've been on here arguing about a simple upload feature for MONTHS. How  stubborn can you be? No one agrees with your points not because we're stupid, but because your points are poorly thought out. Acting like you understand business better than everyone else is a result of your ego, nothing more. 

    If you can't understand that pleasing your users is the most fundamental concept of most successful businesses, then that's on you. Jeff Bezos fully focuses on the customer and prioritizes them, which is the basic principle Amazon was built on. You've also been projecting this entire time. You think you're superior to everyone and that you're unbothered, yet you've been here for 3+ months absolutely embarrassing yourself, which contradicts everything you say. 

    "I'm capable of cropping" lol okay, you're being condescending again. You think so highly of yourself because you can crop a photo? You realize we can all do that, but we don't, because it is INEFFICIENT. Discord can IMPROVE on themselves and their client by adding this, because it is clearly an annoyance to MANY users. It'd be a good change because this is a COMMON complaint. If you can't understand that then you're just too thick skulled to accept any idea that opposes yours.

    Realize you are wrong. You won't though, you're too stubborn. 


    Oh wow, a passive aggressive smiley face. Typical of people like you, lol. 

    "I'm not arguing with anyone" LMAO, you literally are the least self aware person I have encountered. You are arguing about not arguing. Get a grip on yourself. 

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Sure thing man. I'll get right on that. Thanks for your constructive and positive feedback. Were it not for your continued helpful responses, I'm not sure where I'd be.

    You complain that I reply and use smiley faces and am polite, yet you respond with "people like you" comments and insist on rudeness. Might want to check on that self aware thing you seem concerned with, you might be missing it.

    Have a great day man. I'd try and use your name in my well wishes, but you don't have one and for some strange reason are commenting on a thread specific to user profile photos but choose to have left your blank account with a default generic photo. Really seems like a throwaway account meant solely for trolling, but hey, who knows for sure?


    More sarcasm and passive aggression. Are you incapable of discussing in a civil manner?

    Yet more lack of self awareness. You can't even realize that you were being passive aggressive, like you have been in this entire thread, yet you insinuate that OTHERS are the dumb ones. Literally in your opening line you said it was "my thing" to be rude and not read things, even though I read ALL of your replies. So NO, you were NOT being polite. And nah, I like this photo that's why I use it. 

    You will never drop this argument, it's why you're in here after 3 months. Imagine being you and spending all your free time arguing with random people online and never dropping the topic LOL.

    Bet $100 you'll respond to this with more passive aggression and with additional displays of no self awareness. 


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