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  • Bok

    I agree, I am extremely saddened, what a great time to give us this news too. During the holidays and the present pandemic, all while asking for money. I at least want to keep streaming benefits. 100dollars is not worth like 2 free boost, double the upload limit, and better streaming. I am thankful the service is free for the normal user, but at least Grandfather the basic stuff like streaming and upload limit. Im sure the boosts are the most valuable out of it all, large servers will always be around and will likely continue to grow in size, im sure they get alot of revenue.

    Overall the timing and tone of the email comes across as very dismissive. I feel like I've been just been treated as a money bag and am no longer useful unless I pay double, it kinda comes across as passive aggressive extortion. Like thanks for your money, you should be happy we gave you a little badge and some goodies, now pay us double if you want us to appreciate you.

    50dollars is a good deal and thats why people pay! Was your q4 revenue not good enough for investors or something? If you are in the negative tell your supporters, that will make people alot more receptive to this. I highly doubt discord is losing money though.

  • dysiode

    It's not even that I use all the benefits of Nitro, it's the principle of the thing. I supported Discord since they first released Nitro, but, it's not worth $50 more dollars to, what, change my tag #? I guess I'm saving $50/year now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Which is like saving $75 this year because I just found $25 in the pocket of an old jacket.

  • TaintIsGaming

    I feel horrible right now, i started supporting them as soons as they made nitro. And now they just take a huge dumb on me. 

    I have cancelled my subscibtion completely and will be looking for a differnent program. 

    They have stabbed me in the back and rarely do i feel so used. 

  • GregLive

    Hi there,

    I'm also disappointed because of two reasons:

    1) To me, the upload and streaming perk are kind of an interest personally. But to be fair, I guess during the last 12 month I uploaded in total about 400 - 600 MB in about ten files and I streamed using discord for about 3 to 5 hours - so this are no big costs for discord. Even in our server, with more than 200 members, all from the Twitch community, there is not much use of uploading or streaming.

    Additionally to that, I spend the two boosts where they seemed to be most useful, but you need at least two for a server to get any benefit of it.
    This means (see further below in this message) you need at least about 70 USD to boost a server up to tier 1 with high quality streaming (I guess 720p)  and 128 Kbps audio. For the next level (1080p & 256 Kbps & 50MB uploads) you need at least 15 boosts which means at least 524,85 USD for tier 3 (all before plus 384 Kbps audio & 100MB upload)  this gets doubled to a minimum of 1049,70 USD per year. 

    So the perks of the nitro classic, without the boosts are, from my personal perspective, totally senseless.
    - An animated Icon - thanks no.
    - Changing a dicord tag? What the hell shall I use this for?
    - Extended use of emojis among different servers. Yes, I know, this grafic stuff, but mostly not use it. In fact these are the most important ones to me: :-) :-( ;-P :D - surprise, surprise they even work with a keyboard. But ok, there may be people who use them more frequent, so fine give it to them.
    - streaming in 720p, cool. But if i don't have that, I send my friends to skype, zoom, YT-Live or twitch to show them stuff.
    - upload of 50MB nice, can send some files around. If I loose it? Hmm, let's go to (files: 2GB free) and then post the downloadlink via discord. Or even share the files using stuff like Google drive.

    2) The second point is a lack of information. 
    discord writes, that "What this means is your price will stay the same if you stay subscribed, but your benefits will be changing." and that is what? What will be the "benefits"? Even in the backend, when you click on switching the mode you get NO info what is part of each contract. You just get the info that one has "overwhelming advantages" (translated) and the other one just offers "great advantages"(translated).

    Just when you yourself take a look into the help section you'll find the differences.

    So even the writers and all the hands this mail went through, this means there is no single person guilty I guess, were even too lazy to sum up the differences or just add a link to the help section. This is how you treat your "As a massive thanks to those who, like you, supported us from the start ... grandfathers". They don't even try to sell Nitro or keeping us in Nitro classic.

    But because we are supporters, I'll also assist discord in this case - it seems they need support when informing unnecessary stuff like ahmmm, yes: customers.

    So here ist the link (you can change to your language in the top menu, right sided): (life can be so easy)

    Sum up: 
    Nitro Classic: (what we'll get)
    - Gif Avatar
    - Choose of discord tag
    - extended using of Emojis 
    - streaming in 720p or 1080p (wtf "OR", so who decides about the quality?) 
    - upload of 50MB

    - all of Nitro Classic
    - Upload of 100MB
    - streaming in source quality
    - two server boosts

    The two server boosts each cost with no subscription 49,99 USD (surprise, 2 boosts are the Nitro costs) and with Nitro you get a 30% discount onto 34,99 USD. (With nitro Classic you get no discount?)

    I hope, I got everything correct, if not I'm sorry. But if you want to make a descision, please inform yourself separately in the official documentations and weight up the points for you!

    At the current situation I guess I'll change my subscription to ... not subscribe any more.
    discord seems to be less interested in a) informing us b) present a subscription with relevant worth.

    Yes I know, there are no commercials, what I massively appreciate, and the servers and the people need to be payed. It's not that I want everything for free. Even as a CFO I know costs.

    So discord, gimme a supporter account: 12 USD per year Gif-Avatar, extended emojis, f.e 16 or 20MB Upload, and perhaps a prioritized 640 stream or kind of that and to all subscribers at least a discount on boosts of 10%. Perhaps Nitro Classic subscribers get a boost discount of 15-20%?

    All the best, stay healthy, Greg

  • Cole

    Just as disappointed in this company, supporting from the OG Nitro days just to be told I’m losing important features cause forbid us OG Supporters get to keep what we supported from the start.

    Can’t be that hard to keep us at 50$/year.

    It’s sad cause those two lost features are definitely NOT worth an extra 50$.

  • Mermaid

    I agree with you and I have already opened a ticket regarding this.
    Another thing that I find very disappointing is that the warning in settings only says "my access will end on January 1st" however it was never mentioned that I would have to pay the difference to get the perks of the higher tier Nitro. The sentence could be interpreted as "your access to grandfather price will end", not the perks themselves.

    Some people, like me, have renewed their subscription recently and now either they have to pay the difference or be happy with the classic feature. At least they could take the perks at the renew time and if the person choose the classic tier. That would at least be fair.

    What it seems to be is that Discord has gone greedy and wants more money so is forcing us, the first believers, to pay more.

    Just very sad with this whole thing.


    Here's what I wrote to their customer support. They told me I should come here and post my feedback. While I clearly phrased my response differently, I don't want to "split the group" by writing my own, new post. So I'm upvoting this one and providing my personal take here:

    Dear Discord,

    I have been supporting you faithfully since January 24, 2017.

    I'm writing to let you know that I am sorely disappointed with the decision to roll the grandfathered Early Supporter subscriptions into Nitro Classic.

    Offering Yearly Subscriptions to early supporters for their original pledge price was the right thing to do. It's only fitting that you continue to do right by those of us who have stood by you from the start.

    Why the sudden change of heart? Why the sudden removal of the benefits that we have earned with our vote of confidence, our faith, and our trust?

    I cannot imagine that there are so many early subs with their free server boosts and 100MB uploads as to be a massive drag on your bottom line. Surely there are so many more people who support you at the full Nitro price that it more than offsets the handful of us who are still around from the start.

    If I'm wrong, then show me the data. Make a compelling case for why it is vitally important to squeeze another $50 out of those who have been with you from the start, rather than to just improve the value for those who are already paying $100/yr.

    I am incredibly torn by this. I like my O.G. status. I like knowing that as a benefit of showing faith in you, I am able to bless a couple of servers in a small way every month. I like having slightly larger upload limits for the rare times when I need them. Are these things worth an extra $50 to me? I can't say that they are.

    Will I be upgrading? I can't say that I will. Would YOU pay TWICE as much for a benefit you already receive?

  • ninja

    I will be canceling my subscription entirely. What I'm receiving now isn't worth $100, and the classic isn't worth $50. Being grandfathered was the only way I'd keep a subscription.

    The product they're providing is of such little actual value. I stream off youtube anyways for free at full res. Emojis aren't worth $100/yr. An animated server logo isn't worth $100/yr. For regular users, I hope Discord has just lost their grandfathered subs. I hope everyone who was grandfathered realizes their money is better spent elsewhere , and just cancels their sub.

  • rens

    That's tough, but I think you got the wrong idea of what grandfathered Discord Nitro is. Ryan235


    Well, it happened. I saw the notification that they had billed me $49.99 for another year today. I realize this has likely been happening to many others this month. The feeling in the pit of my stomach was captured well by Obi-Wan...

  • Bok

    Just happened to me also JERisBRISK


    My condolences, man. I'm going to ride the sub out for a year and hold out hope that they'll reconsider the error of their ways. That might be Stockholm Syndrome at this point, though. XD


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