Word wrap of the file preview


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  • Jpnh

    please yes... I was shocked that word wrap wasn't the first choice.

  • Stadler

    Even worse:
    Can't download the file, because it goes out of bounds.

  • Ohtacaro

    Had no idea this file preview feature was in until like yesterday. And I can't believe that such an oversight has been made. 

  • Deuxis

    Lack of word wrap makes many texts barely readable, pls fix :(

  • Geech6

    It is absolutely required to have a word wrap feature.  The way it is, it is nice for code and programming but if there's just normal text then it makes it unbearable to read.  All that is required is a small button in the bottom of the preview next to the download button, burying it in the settings menu would make people unable to find the option to change this.

  • ActionScripter

    Agreeing with the other posts on this. There should be a word wrap toggle button in the bottom of the preview pane. I read and share long posts as TXT files fairly frequently, and the lack of word wrap makes the Discord preview nearly unusable - meaning I have to manually download the file each time. It gets old fast.

  • annemo

    Exactly. I understand it's probably done for programming (not to break the code), but wouldn't it be logical to allow us to choose if we want to wrap the text? I mean, they have an option to choose which programming language format to display it in, why not make it so the "plain text" one word-wraps automatically?


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