User's accounts are getting disabled for no genuine reason, including me.


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  • Polyh3dron

    It’s a widespread issue and I’m not seeing any indication that anyone with any responsibility inside Discord cares about it. Social media accounts of Discord that normally reply immediately to any other kind of query completely ignore you when you bring this up. They’re hoping we will all just go away quietly.

  • SMB

    Well we won't let this happen. Let's hope everything will get fixed eventually 

  • SMB

    And I'm seeing a lot of users complaining about it in this feedback side

  • Fr33z1n9

    god they got me over spam for no reason and luckily they solved it but when I went to reset my password and log back in i immediately got disabled. got that solved today and then it happened again lmao

  • Dalloc2

    Recently, I've been disabled for spamming. I keep contacting support and they reactivate my account. Once I log in the account, 10 seconds pass and it just gets automatically disabled. Anyone have any clue what to do?

  • alissu

    My account was banned just because I tried to accept a friend request, then a captcha appeared and it just failed even though I did everything right, they lifted my ban but as soon as I logged in and said hi to a friend, my account was deactivated again.

  • Aiden Parkes

    Woke up to 4 TOS emails inside 60 seconds of each other that don't actually tell me what I did and a 5th saying I've been banned for spam. Sent in a support ticket almost a week ago and haven't gotten a response.

  • LittleAlice

    They got me for spam apparently i was just sending a friend request and poof a captcha appears and my account is disabled

  • Džejk

    I was falsely permanently suspended yesterday, still no reply, hoping for a quick communication with them :c

  • eliva

    There are alot of strangers and pedos in discord, people who harass teen people but discord doesn't give a single f about them, but if you make a new alt account to get less dms from them discord bans it for spam account, you're amazing discord.


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