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  • Slim

    2 Years and no threads. I use discord exclusively for development, this is a key feature needed in the development community. Can you fork me a feature branch of discord on github or something and I'll just implement threads my self?

  • Monkeychow01

    Adding in to keep this thread going too.    This is the ONE major feature missing from Discord.    With your focus now on being a mass market communication tool, this has got to be a top priority now for you guys.  Every other (major) communication tool has this feature.   Please add this!

  • firegate666

    Agree. You made amazing progress on the whole video conferencing part but message threads to keep the content organized is a mandatory feature!

  • JustinTibbels

    I would move my team onto Discord from Slack if threads were enabled. With so many working from home during this pandemic, now is the time to seize the moment and implement this feature.

  • Sir Ace

    Well it seems they waited long enough that a competitor came around and is doing it better than them.

    I will be migrating my servers and communities over to Guilded since it does threads and SO MUCH MORE. 

    Thanks for the memories Discord, it was good while it lasted.


  • DanTheGoodman

    Please add this! Only thing holding companies on to Slack right now!

  • halimousine

    PLEASE WE NEED THREADS! Moving my 100+ person team to Discord from Slack if this can happen

  • Carbiz

    Definitely need it! 

  • SunSparc

    Yes oh yes oh yes!!! As a Slack user, I love this feature. Really helps keep channels more clean and organized.

    Along with this, I would love it if I could show/hide gifs/images/attachments/link previews

  • erick_alcantar

    Please add this feature!

    I manage communications with my development team with Slack but I would rather prefer Discord if this feature is available soon

  • zzzzzz

    So excited for this feature. Please share here if anyone sees anything more with the development of this feature. Any news is most welcome in this thread.

  • Diogenes

    I work with a team that has a preference for open source solutions and would move to Discord if there were threaded conversations.

    I'm here for a discussion group, but don't participate much because the messages are all over the place. I can't imagine trying to work on projects with a team like that - is far too chaotic and makes email clearly superior in this respect

    Gonna go check out Guilded now...






  • Rizzo

    This would be a HUGE feature and a competitive advantage. Even just text-only threading would be AMAZING!

  • Sugarspoon

    We really need this in the Unity discord server for sure, it's pure chaos because the massive amount of questions and answers.

  • One84

    I'd really like to see this as an on or off option in channel-settings!

  • Buggatij

    Message threads would make Discord near perfect!!!

  • MohammedP

    Still waiting for this.
    Bump, super bump.

  • Silvio Carballo

    We need threads, we love discord but we are about to change out chat platform because of it.

  • Derzu

    Still not available?

  • jayen

    How has this not been implemented yet??  This thread is over 2 years old at this point and, nearest I can tell, nothing but crickets from the Discord dev team.  Guess I'll stick with Slack and its threads for now....

  • tjwood

    Please! We need this so much!!

  • Muhammad Aldien Said

    Bump this.

    Super useful feature for the dev communication

  • Ahh... Fresh meat!

    Would really really appreciate threads (or any other feature you can think of) that resolves the problem of having too much noise in one text channel and "losing" older, maybe important messages. (even though they are all related to the channel topic)
    It just doesn't make any sense to create channels for every conversation.

  • mattpker


  • AloLululu

    Threads would definitely be helpful in many situations, e.g. when people propose ideas and others can comment :D Pllllllzzz add this feature, it would be much more instinctive than quotes

  • BeDuck

    Anyone knows any update from the devs? Or there was not a single response from them yet?
    We need message threads.

  • KramRM

    July 28, 2020

    Hey everyone,

    Cat's out of the bag, I guess. We are indeed working on threads. But this "internal" version that we've released is very much... not the final version, or even close. We don't even know if we want to ship threads just yet. But we're starting to test some prototypes internally - and this is the start of that.

    So, just to caveat:

    • Everything will probably change - nothing is final until it ships, and this "internal release" is a rough prototype that has many flaws and shortcomings.

    • What you're seeing here from data-mining does not represent the final product, not even close.

    • This might not even ship if we can't make it meet our quality bar.

    • There is no ETA for when this will ship.

  • LeGustaVinho

    Please, threads like Reddit !

  • Jordannn

    Yes please threads!

  • luba mclean

    Please. Without threads I will never persuade my lazy friends to come over to discord! Worst case they're all gonna switch to slack.


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