More channel/server mute time options


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  • emmmily

    Yes the jumps are pretty big. Personally I'd find an option between 8 & 24 useful - eight is not quite enough to cover my workday or overnight without picking up my phone to an hour or two of push notifications where my mute has expired. Also pre-set muted hours would be amazing.

  • Sonicwave

    Agreed, I often want to mute servers until the end of the day to check on them later, but the 8 hour option overshoots it.

  • Rowansrose

    It'd be really nice to have a option to customize these defaults. For example, I am a streamer so it'd be helpful to mute some discords for 5 hours (I do 4 hour streams currently). The 8 hour is too long and until I turn it back on I tend to forget to after a stream and other things. (Since I'm a smaller streamer I need to keep a eye on my discord while I stream in case people come in, because I don't have a auto assign bot due to trolls)

    This would also work really well for people with non- 8 hour shifts who would just like to be muted for x amount of time, and to be able to apply this mute to entire folders! 

  • Min-Ju

    Exactly. Customization would be pretty important. As specific as possible.

    In these lockdown days, University, Job places and private servers on Discord have been mixed in.

    It is already very useful that you can hide muted servers.

    But you quickly forget to unmute some servers and checking in regularly to re-mute or reactivate defeats the purpose of not getting distracted.

    If you could use customized time periods for muting and if necessary hide a server for the set time, it would enable users to truly schedule work and play hours on Discord.

    Yeah. My issue is fairly specific, but it would help people who struggle with juggling private and "business" servers.


  • Vikanya

    Exactly my use case.

    Once the first 8h mute is over, it becomes such a hassle to mute multiple servers for 1h over and over until my work day is done. Especially when I need to mute several servers and there is yet no option to mute an entire folder of servers (if you're interested in that feature you can upvote it here :

    It's become a daily menial task and both those features would completely solve it.


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