Server Settings> Choose Owner / Co-Owner


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  • iron

    I like this idea,but I don't really have a strong feeling this will be added. Suggestions similar to this have been presented to discord developers since ages, and discord has never chosen to add them. Server security is very important to Discord, and it seems like if users are able to add other owners or coowners, that security will be violated. It's annoying that there is a system of hierarchy, but I can understand why multiple people having ownership could be an issue (disputes, power, etc.). 

  • hanazuki

    yeah but this idea should be seen. i'm tired of people who owns a server, get their accounts disabled, and they don't have ownership. so they would make an alt account and ask for admin role or something. so thats why co-owner should be there so when it happens, they give "ownership" back or so.

    i know discord can let you transfer ownership via email (30 days until fulfilled). but i dont know if anyone does that

  • ChristieWagner

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  • 💔Clari💔

    I love this idea. I know many people that this would be very useful to, including me. Please look at this idea, discord.

  • PixelHeroBU

    I think this is a great idea. Me and my friend had a huge fight over who should be owner of our server and I don't want that happening to anybody else! Btw if you were wondering we are ok now!

  • Avacado

    I think this is a great idea, I currently co-own a server with a friend and we really want to be able to co-own the server as I only have administrator perms. I really hope this does happen.


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