clicked a fake nitro link that read "dlscord" instead of "discord". what now?


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  • GamingALLdayYT

    i just also recived a dlscord link from my fridn, who spammed it everywhere, even on my alt, i used my alt to loign to dlscord so i wont lose my main, although i am not afraid of losing alt, the link was sus, would something happen to my IP or my Laptop, is it a virus or something


    ALSO ALSO my account was getting accessed from russia when i tried logging in there (very sus)

  • iNgeon

    Clearly Discord doesnt give a damn about their community or platform. How is this still going.
    People have to revert to bots to do their job

  • CuteCat

    Mine was, it was a message that pinged @everyone.

  • joploljojo3

    i got a similar link but for for distord nitro via steam, i saw it was fake but decided to click on it anyways just to see what it was. long story short i forgot i had a password manager and now i lost my steam account :/

  • Crazyaj02

    The same Thing Happened TO ME!
    The Link i got was :

    At first I thought it was a rick roll bc my friends do that a lot

  • piesimp

    i got one too called does this take your info?

  • Ihateventitra

    It is token grabber, it basically steals your account token with which they can instantly log in to your account without a password.

    I was stupid and about a few months ago I clicked on it, and only now suddenly did a scam link with a fake nitro start sending out to all my friends.

  • CuteCat

    I have 2FA, so I can click on it without having to worry too much.
    Also I can easily report it to Discord.

  • Pyromaniac Cat

    I also got this, 3 months of Discord Nitro free from STEAM (, I have to wait days now for steam support to reply to me as it changed the email and the password (:

  • JJonasB

    Pyromaniac Cat


    We are on the same page. 
    I didn't see the L in that link. I thought it was an i. >.<

  • The discord dude

    Man even I got that link but I did not see a thing in the website as my antivirus immediately secured the threats and closed the website.

  • Y0L0

    ` `  pls don't fall for this
    anyone sending a random link for free nitro is obviously fishy

    don't be a gullible person 
    do your research before believing stuff like this.

  • CuteCat

    Please if you get this links:

    Do not click it unless you have 2FA (even if you have 2FA it is not recommended its a security risk. The hackers might turn off 2FA)
    Click at your own risk.
    Report the website link.
    Do not report the person as they are hacked.
    Do your own research and If you have the courage report it to Discord Trust and Safety (or steam support).

  • wello.nathan

    I received a discord nitro "gift" but I was told it was a fake link from a friend, mine was very convincing, . I clicked on it and didn't get any 2Step authentication or lose anything. I just did a scan on my pc using Webroot, so far nothing. 

  • Sweetie Chan

    This may seem like a dumb question, but is it safe to copy and paste the link as long as u aren't clicking in it?

  • stellasnowbear

    same to me im scared i changed my discord password and set up two-factor authentication should i do anything else?

  • Frozt

    Recently it happen to me too but with different link
    (DON'T CLICK) I'm sharing here so u can add it into blacklist. Pls be aware guys

  • ID

    Crap. I feel betrayed. Our friendship cannot be healed.

  • Spelfantasten Gaming

    I got something similar, the link looked like this: (Don't click it, obviously). Could this be scam too? I haven't seen any links like this before, so I don't really know if it's safe or not. I also don't really know who sent it to me, I had never heard or seen this user before, even though they are in a discord server I'm part of.

    Edit: The user that sent it has deleted the message now, it's probably just a case of someone being hacked and the hacker sending stuff like that to people.

  • Parsa
    @everyone this gift is for you bro
    Friend has gifted you Nitro for 1 month

    same thing


  • SundayLee

    Me too

    I got is this

  • Bleidorb

    my account got hacked ):

    I got this:

    dont click on the link please, it is not good:


  • Chris

    I clicked the link but i closed it right after like 5s without doing anything, am i save or should i do something, i dont have 2fa

  • zivosaurus-rex

    same happened to me nothing happened except it got sent to almost everyone why doesnt discord do more about this?

  • These are phishing sites. They can only get your account details if you type them in on the fake site. The web browser ensures that only the same site (origin) that stored the data in the first place ( can access it again. This means that it cannot be used to grab tokens. If you simply clicked the link but did not provide any details you will be fine. It won't hurt to change your password if it makes you feel better though. Also, don't scan any QR codes sent to you.

  • Dain

    happened to me at around 8am this morning mass ping on every channel by a hacked player account. just blocked him. glad I didn't click the link.

  • 𝚭𝚵𝐑𝝷

    Same thing happened to me but I used super gamer reflexes and closed the tab before it loaded. Then I changed my password to a 25-digit long phrase and activated 2fa.

    credit to slow computer for not loading the site

  • Robot Vex

    I don't know if this is a real link of discord nitro I feel like it's not because my friend send it to me 3 times in my dm saying " @everyone, take nitro faster, it's already running out ". Is there like a way to check nitro links if it's valid or not

  • RunaMamoru

    I had this just happen and I was dumb enough to open it. But ther location verify failed and I changed my password. I was using mobile discord and I'm really nervous about this

  • Nigerian Scammer

    just remember not to click any sketchy links this message contains for obvious reasons               "@everyone, take nitro faster, it's already running out" this is getting spammed everywhere for me and when i clicked on it on my alt acc as a joke some guy from russia was tryin to access my acc, luckily i changed password and had 2fa enabled and did not verify russia guy


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