[Feature Request] Add an option to directly save images from the desktop client Slutfört
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Remove those new giant sqaures when sharing screen Slutfört
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Mobile indicator on mobile Slutfört
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Mutual Servers with Bots Slutfört
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Auto-scroll doesn't function when app not active window Slutfört
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Recognition of game activity Slutfört
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Pay Discord Nitro with Google Play / App Store Balance Slutfört
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Suggestion, A way to suppress role-pings. Slutfört
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Option To Turn Off Horizontal Scroll On Code Blocks Slutfört
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Stickers System Slutfört
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Add Github as a Profile Connection Slutfört
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In app notifications while watching Go Live streams Slutfört
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Make it possible for you to move channels on mobile. Slutfört
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Copy Name, Tag button Slutfört
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Discord "Discordo" boot sound Slutfört
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Watching PC games stream on mobile Slutfört
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Go Live Slutfört
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Server Folders for Phone users Slutfört
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An option to toggle the dragging and dropping of server lists Slutfört
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Custom Status for Mobile Users Slutfört
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Preview link improvement Slutfört
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Push to Mute button Slutfört
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Show servername next to Emotes Slutfört
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Boosting more than one server. Slutfört
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Server boost Slutfört
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Discord Accessibility For Blind Users: Opening The Bags Slutfört
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callkit option for ios Slutfört
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!submit accessibility feedback Slutfört
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Accessibility roleback for Android Slutfört
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