The feedback site login is confusing


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  • Amy

    Your feedback site account (zendesk account) is entirely separate from your discord account and there is nothing linking the two.
    The login used to use your discord account to log you in without separate credentials, but that was changed due to some problems and abuse (I think).

    Also Hammer & Chisel is Discord's original company name.

  • VoraciousGhost

    It's truly a terrible experience, the website, branding, and even the password reset email don't tell you that it's a separate account.

    The only way to get a password for here is to use "Forgot password" which sends you an email that says it will reset your *Discord* password, not your *Discord Support* password.

    It's wrong to say there is nothing linking the two; my nickname and profile picture were automatically linked even though it's a "separate account".

  • ezzebihassen

    I agree this is confusing

  • Yomo42

    I'm here from google because I couldn't log into discord feedback. Yes it should be clarified in the login window and in the password reset email

  • Hp9876564

    To say it's confusing is an under statement. To defend that position by highlighting security issues is childish. To presume that the site will not be replaced by another similar WILL BE financially ruinous. Disord is "almost" one of the best sites out there. However "almost" doesnt cut it. Living in Malaysia, I can tell you that it is quite simply the very worst app I have on my phone.. To customer support I say this, STOP PLAYING PEOPLE FOR FOOLS.


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