100 server limit


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  • alexx

    If not for general users, at least increase it for Nitro users. If Nitro increased the server limit, I would feel much more inclined to get it.

  • 𝟏𝟑𝟑𝟕 ♡

    yes pls discord plssss 

  • Homie Box

    It would create a severe advantage over non-nitro users. 

  • galaxycatdev

    Or have more for nitro subscribers and if they are no longer nitro then when they leave a guild they won’t be able to add more until they are nitro again, I personally thought nitro users could have 150 because I counted but I guess I was off by a lot. And after digging around I found that it’s just 100 guilds.

  • Hurtz

    My question is, how in the tarnation are you guys active in 100 servers? Most I ever had was somewhere around 20...

  • Frosty
    Actually, it'd be better to do it for nitro users.
  • DJboutit

    Make it 250 for normal users and nitro users 400

  • kelvinnkat

    That limit's pretty lame.

  • ! Roberto

    Note: Please upvote my comment if you agree in full or in part with any of the following. This comment has been heavily refined.

    My personal reason for wanting this feature

    Whilst I may not be consistantly active on all the servers I am a member in concurrently, I do have specific reasons for being in each server beyond the unimportant reason of emoji servers. This if for the same reason I don't limit myself with the number of websites I hold accounts on. I have various topic-realted discords, for eample, for various programming languages, various games I play, and so on. Rather than having to record possibly non-permantant invite links, and only joining servers when they become relevant to me, I would like to retain an archive of servers to access at my liesure.

    The neccessity of server catagories, grouping, or folders

    In tendem with this feature, it is important to add an organisation feature to allow users to group their servers into catagories. Discords has grown from a small-community gaming-oriented platform to a large social network, and as such, should nolong be limited as so. A user should atleast be ably to have single-level catagories, or, ideally, mmulti-leveld tree-structure catagories. Some example catagories would be, 'Streaming', 'Game', 'Friends', 'Programming', 'Official', 'Partnerships', and, ofcourse, 'Misc.'.

    Proposal: decreasing required resources

    If the reason for a limit is predominantly client-side lag, I would support removing the limit in favour of adding a warning.

    I suppose that, if required to decrease resources used, notifications be limited to the existing server limit, but allow the user to ad servers past that limit. This could possibly be executed by automatically fully muting servers added past the existing server limit, and of course notifiyign the user of this, as well as only allowing a maximum of the currect limit of servers to be unmuted. Additionally considering negation of resources used by fully-muted servers would be important.

  • x1o1adamx

    How how having an UNLIMITED AMOUNT of servers to join

  • kelvinnkat

    The limit means that people entering giveaways have a much tougher time if there's an entry for joining the Discord server.

  • NitrokuN

    Having it for Nitro would be cool too. U should hmu w it because my name on discord has been nitro since before discord nitro was a thing lol

  • LittleWhole

    This NEEDS TO BE A THING! I've had to rely on multiple alts just to overcome this limit! This is so annoying. At least make it for Nitro users. Please, Discord!

  • Owenn

    This would be great even if it is just 150 for nitro users this would be really good.

  • karl-police

    Please add this for every user, more servers :)


    I mean what are bots doing

  • meulin

    i think i might honestly get nitro just for a higher limit. every server is so precious and nostalgic — how can i just leave?! ((especially if it’s a PRIVATE server!!))

  • Chojin


    I have to be aware of many servers and just cannot leave them.

    Make it to Nitro users so you will for sure have more subscribers.

  • Bisounourstueur

    For me, increasing the amount of server that can be reached is a good idea, and that both for people with Nitro, and those without Nitro

    actually, making a limit increase would not be heavy, but behind a few people are active on 100 servers at a time, those with 100 servers often have 80-90 servers for Global Emote, which are emotes usable anywhere without to have Discord Nitro.

    for my part, not going Nitro, I want this limit of 100 servers no longer exist, yes it would be difficult to set up, because it would do a lot of things charged, but to counter this, we could think of creating "Server Regrouping" a feature that would belike the message bubble Messenger but in the boxes of the servers, section where we could expect to group up to 25 servers, to reduce the load by saying to the application / software "Tien, you show me that the @everyone notifications in this group, but not in this one, neither in this one! "

    To give the example, I have 99 servers (I left a personal server because useless)and I know that my proposal to help increase this limit would allow me to make a group with servers or I am active, and groups for Global Emote servers, which are in my eyes, formidable servers with the possibility of their share us with emoteswithout putting 1 cent, just by staying on their server, and make them known, and they are rewarded by the ads they make for other servers!

    Me, in general I am for the increase of the limit, but it should be done slowly, in stages of 50 by 50, to see how much of server Discord could have worries

  • Deauthorized

    @Forgi_Forgeth thanos snap

  • Duckers McQuack

    More for nitro members would not work. What if you have to cancel nitro for financial reasons? will you still be able to keep said 150-200 servers on the account, but not able to join more unless you leave those extra 50-100 extra?

  • karl-police

    What if there is a server join slot system.

    Like not everyone can join the same amount of servers but everyone can join atleast 100 min. and depending on how old your account is you unlock more slots, like 50 or something?

    Or donating with Nitro one time will unlock +50 slots that you keep forever?


    DM and Servers are not the same but.


    Is there a DM limit though?

  • Aliya İzzet Begoviç

    I`m waiting for it! :)

  • Sophie J.

    CyberFlame United,

    You could leave the server that you are not active in, then you don't have to worry about the limitation of Discord servers.  

  • I want to be in 911199192 servers. That is a good limit.

  • tntup

    That would be a neat feature for Nitro users

  • +1 would be nice for nitro but dc no listen to paying customers

  • Hugo

    Yes, quit the limit please!!!

  • Please can discord take off the limit of just 100+ servers. It’d be really cool if you did.

  • U+200B

    I just don't understand why there a limit in the first place. SoundCloud had this same problem with playlists, and so does YouTube. This should be an issue ever sense it should just be like an array of codes attached to each account. But i could just be underestimating things sense I've never made a service like this before :/

  • boss
    I totally agree. It should be one of the nitro perks.

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