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  • Ryks

    This is actually a great idea!

  • JadenStar10

    Awesome Idea!

  • MaDMardigan

    I have a Discord for my Multigaming Clan and i would love to see such a feature. It would make things so much easier. right now i need bots to get work around solutions.
    We have different games with different leaders and recruiters. I want them to just manage their specific part / game in our community. Just imagine... game A Leader is gone mad and kicks everyone from Game B, C and so on.
    Even the recruiter can do bullshit if he needs a high role for color or sorting issues. xD

    We definitly need some rework of the role system!

  • Adalbär

    Here are some more ideas with organization, and a focus on more of an aesthetic organization rather than what the role can do, though that is still important.

    You have your role, then you attach subroles to it. And you can give your members the same role, but different divisions. 

    This could be used in many ways... 

    You could use it to have subsects in a guild for your D&D server:

    Member of the Adventurer's Guild (Brown)
    >>>>Scout (Green)
    >>>>Warrior (Red)
    >>>>Master (Brown)
    >>>>Crafter (Orange)
    >>>>Lorehold (Blue)

    Then have it display like:

    (blue) Lorehold | Member of the Adventurer's Guild

    Or for other things have it for your gamer groups and have it be like:

    (Green) Xbox One | System

    I also went onto the web version and edited the html to make an idea for what it could look like.