Chat filtering


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  • Zacatero
    Unless im misunderstanding this suggestion, you can already achieve this by typing in the search bar from:[their tag] and it will only show results that person had sent
  • minejulrbx

    Sounds interesting, but can't quite understand exactly what you mean.

  • esb1922

    yes but it's not really the same. Paging instead of scrolling is very time consuming and also there are a lot of irrelevant messages just grayed out

  • Northern Paladin

    I just found this,

    Agreed about adding filters that are not using the search function (which is pretty good by theway!)

    I was thinking more of a way to differentiate some chat in the same channel, for example, in RPGs, you have OOC and IC talk. If each message could be tagged as either OOC or IC, and a filter could allow the readers to read only IC for example, that would be an excellent feature!
    The tags could be customized by the server admin, and users would simply clik a tag when they post something, with each channel having a tag by default, or something to that effect.


  • Maria Kenneth

    It would be beneficial to have a feature to filter messages based on specific user IDs, allowing users to focus on content from selected individuals. Platforms like omegle could offer insights on implementing such filtering mechanisms for enhanced user experience.