User Note Search.


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  • Dandy Danny

    2nd this, My friends keep changing their username so I have to write their real name in their note. However, there isn't a feature to search user base on my note for them or simply search through a collection of note.

  • Kun

    I really need this!

  • jiango


  • gronkgring

    I use the notes to put in their in game name, because I talk to many people, and a player can have many characters so I keep track of all of their names. Searching by my notes would be a feature I'd use frequently.

  • Jate

    Necroing because this is still a feature I need!

  • Darksilvian

    We want to give our Friends SCP Object Classes in Notes it would be nice if we could query them by notes

  • Sonicwave

    Agreed, one of my use cases for notes is to keep track of people who change their username and profile picture frequently.

  • zeeen

    Hope this feature is being considered, would be so helpful in many cases with organizing my friends list.

  • bl00d5h0ck

    I 10000% second this! All my friends like to change their names alllll the time. So I put their real names in the note section so I can remember who they are. But I can still never find them thru the search or tag features. I SWEAR I used to be able to tag someone's note name and it would give me their username so I could use that instead. But maybe I'm wrong. 

    Either way, please implement this feature discord!



  • zostercr

    This would be very useful! I use Discord to teach and it would help keeping track of students.

  • Wild Dog


  • jurojinpoker

    Please do this!!

  • KMS Prinz Eugen

    Same reason as Ninjakid, my friend keep changing their username and I don't know who's who unless I put their name in the user notes, please add a feature that lets us search through user notes as it will definitely make searching for my friends much easier.

  • TheSheepster

    I have so many friends and typing in the note I put in will make it much easier! At least add a nickname section! Please 🙏 🙏

  • meeas


    This feature is REALLY needed.  Just having it included in the generic search results would be nice, but it would be even better if there was a specific search directive to let us search just across user profile notes.

  • Boon

    +10000 for this feature, importantly needed to differentiate friends.

  • Alexey

    это нужно срочно!

  • Micah Rhule

    Am necroing because this is very needed and shouldn't be crazy hard to implement.