[Canary] The new chat update should have its own mode


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  • Frolo

    friendlist in compact mode is completely unusable. i hate it

  • Narthorn

    Feedback on the UI changes, for Cozy (non-Compact) mode only:

    • Messages highlighting on mouseover: extremely good
    • "new messages" red bar no longer displacing messages: good
    • Hour/minute timestamp showing up left of all messages on mouseover: good
    • new mouseover menu: nice (but i will probably just rightclick!)
    • quick reaction icons in the mouseover menu: no opinion
    • Removing <hr> line between messages from different people: very bad
    • Removing <hr> line between messages from yourself that are >10mins apart: very bad
    • Spacing increase between messages: bad. 

    The horizontal dividers give a really useful, at-a-glance way to visually parse what happened when in a chat. Getting rid of them is a strict downgrade.

    Given that, the spacing increase between messages makes it harder still to visually group together messages sent by the same person.

  • Johnyknowhow

    I agree on the spacing increase being a very negative change. It makes the whole UI look more cluttered, even if you can now change the spacing between message groups using the new setting. I don't mind that too much, as it would allow you to kind of make the UI look like a compact/cozy hybrid of sorts, with as much text density as possible while still seeing profile pictures and such. 

    All we need is another slider, "Spacing Between Messages" to complement the new "Spacing Between Message Groups" slider. 

  • Pip

    Highlight? Unneccessary and ugly. I have a mouse cursor to show me what I'm hovering over, thanks. Moving my cursor through the Discord window shouldn't cause a bunch of flashing highlights, even if they're dark.

    Hover Menu? The old menu was out of the way, didn't block actual text, and didn't show a bunch of glaring bright emojis every time I hovered over a message. This is awful.

    Quick Reactions? Useless unless you respond to everything with the same three emotes. Ugly and jarring compared to the rest of the UI thanks to how colorful and stand-out emojis are. I don't need or want to see my reactions all the time. If I want to react to something, I'll open the reactions menu, thanks.

    Spacing? Remember how "cozy" mode is supposed to be... you know... COZY? It was good before. Nothing about this new mess is cozy, it's in fact actively stressful to look at thanks to how terrible it is. The line spacing between concurrent messages is WAY too large. The line spacing/lack of lines between messages from different people or different times is WAY too small. It's just... Bad. VERY bad.

  • Pika

    I dislike the emote quickbar they have added to the right, the other changes I don't really have a problem with. I think the UI should definitly offer a "disable" button for the quickbar though, and tbh that shouldn't be too hard to implement