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  • solene

    + The report option doesn’t even work for me, on the mobile version you have a “report” option but when I click on it it looks like it’s loading but nothing happens. Is it not completely developed yet ?

    I think that being able to report is really important here. Discord is a really big app with a lot of users, meaning that the chances that illegal things and etc have more chances of happening. Recently I was in a situation where admins were the ones acting in a wrong way (racial slurs against members etc) but it was impossible for me to report anything.

  • Voidina

    Yup, same way here, in one of my servers I have a pedophile and I cannot report them.

  • Brøkēñ Ãgáīñ Ñīçè

    429355304359165972 is promoting suicide,bullying and promoting self harm


  • Prunebane

    I've been looking for a Report Button sort of request, this sort-of fits the purpose. Posting here to prevent a duplicate request.

    It'd be much more convenient if we didn't have to go through developer mode (!) to report a person or message as breaching ToS - f.e. impersonation; there is a scam running through Discord about being partnered with Twitch and giving away free nitro or twitch games, you only have to join a server.

    As the OP posted, it'd be nice to have this report save the information (ideally the entire message and user ID) automatically.

    Thank you.

  • LottaSpice
    This user attempted to raid my server
    He as alts. 
  • haha

    Is it not fully developed on iOS? Because I need to report someone for harassing my friend

  • haha

    It’s only available on computer I think rn

  • alastor🖤


    Spamming. He's 11 and inapropiate language. sry for bad english. he's id 700591556482170921

  • Θutcͥคsͣtͫ

    Um There is a user called Distort Has Valorant#8216 that is bullying and harassing me for no reason

  • Dokkaebi

    This person tried to send me her nudes when the first thing i texted her was “hi!” Just look for yourself.

  • yolo💔

    Two people keep on trying to grab my friends ip address and send her selfies to pedophiles. The numbers to those two are 743654493077372939 and 743657342792368159 , they are also doing the same thing on instagram as well which is a whole other story of them making fun of my friends weight.

  • The Ted

    Yolo, use to report those pedos, and Always use them smd sites like them

  • Is

    User is : CrashJPS | User ID : 699638621052993536

    This user on discord somehow knows my private information I have never told him, for example, my name. I have blocked him although I do not feel secure yet.. please do something about this. I am not sure how he got access to my private information on which I have never told him about.

  • Yduh
    11 yaşında kurallara uymuyor discord 13 yaş kuralı 783621375319474216 adı poyraz yaşı 11
  • Prettykitty0505

    There's a person on Discord and he is a child predator, he has done this to me, and his user is @BAMASETH#7372 I can't deal with him anymore, he has went after one if my friends and I don't know how to stop him because they will not listen to me after I tell them multiple times, he has done this to my 2 sisters and me and 1 of my closest friends, he has been acting like a girl or a guy and lieing about his age just so we could date him and i know it sounds strange but it's true

  • xXFireXx

    A guy in a server I just joined, Joker's Grin#6292, just posted this.

  • Explosión de Vainilla

    Hi Discord!

    Please report this user: Moonlight#8842

    She calls me a murderer and wishes the death of my family.

    Thank u!

  • Tabbie Richard

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  • Christopher A. Olson

    However I think it should also be a feature if you're NOT an admin on a server, because admins aren't always the quickest, or sometimes admins are the ones breaking said rules. chinese food buffet near