Double click upload is inconvenient


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  • Flan

    This, so much. I remember some other app had the feature where it would ask you the different type of file you want to upload before opening up the upload folder. It just makes uploading files very un-intuitive and annoying.

  • Spring Heart

    It's very annoying

  • unscheduled sani†y excursion

    for real. it wasn't broke, why did you try to fix it.
    this is basic ui design. what's the advantage to having to make two clicks instead of one? this is quite literally just making the interface more inconvenient for no reason.
    i bet this was an exec's bright idea. changing things up just to have something to do.
    pro tip, if your users constantly have to adjust to different ui it's not going to create a very hospitable environment and you'll start losing userbase.if i sound kinda irritated it's because i am. platform has been going downhill for quite a bit now