It should be possible to make hidden channels defaults, as part of onboarding.



  • Shadow

    Yeah, those requirements make Onboarding somewhat useless to me. My server structure has only 1 channel that could be opened to chat to everyone before some type of verification/customization and like only 3 channels that would be candidates to be as default.

    I really can't see a reason behind those requirements and how could it help new members. In my case it would force me to create dummy channels with no usefulness just to meet the requirements, something I don't wish to do.

  • Dragonbladeraider

    I am in the same situation. Discord is implementing a lot of useful features, but you guys keep implementing them in ways that are incompatible with the way discord users do things. And that's bots. Nearly every server uses bots. I for example use the double counter bot to verify new users. I don't need discord's anti raid alert system, be ause this bot prevents them from ever happening in the first place. For it to work, the @everyone role must be blocked from messaging in every channel.
    But because of Onboards requirement to have channels unhidden and have at least 5 with the everyone role allowed to speak in, I am unable to use onboarding at all, and otherwise neat and clean feature for ordering and finding channels. Please allow hidden channels, and reduce the number for @everyone being able to send messages to ONE channel.

  • Rise

    Also in the same situation. I struggle to see a reason for the requirements at all. 

    We only have a handful of "general" channels and the rest are all unlocked by roles as they are very focused categories. This keeps things clean and allows users to just see the channels they want.

    Would love to see the requirements completely removed.


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